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Without Website How To Start A Money Making Business ?


Now we are going to see without a website how to start a money making business ? Last time, we discussed about how to start business with website ? And that strategy may not be applicable for everyone. Because you don’t want to invest more time on running a website and I mentioned making money with a website or a blog by producing content may take more time to see the income.

Internet has thousands of opportunities and hence there are always methods to earn an income without a website. But many of the beginners don’t know where to start ? and how to proceed ? This article may help for those beginners to take the right steps in making money without a website. Lets see how & where to start ?

Join Freelancing Jobs.

The most recommended method is becoming a freelancer. Its basically working in an online office. Find out what skills you have, like software development or programming skills, typing skills, writing skills or web design knowledge etc and take the available job offers from the freelancing sites. Odesk, elance are the best place to start your online career as a freelancer. You will be paid-per-hour basis and also based on the percentage of completing the work schedule. So either you could work as part-time or full-time depends on the availability of time.

I have written an Odesk Review which may help you to realize the insights of freelancing jobs. For more information, read this article on money making as freelancer which clearly explains you what you need ? and the steps to become a better freelancer.

Start Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the well known method of making money from Internet without owing a website. It makes you either Rich or puts you into a Pit. Yes, because it involves money as investment and profits based on the conversion or sales. Its like a real world business, you have to sell others product or your own product online.

Join clickbank, CJ, Google Affiliate network etc. which are best places to start, pick a high demanding product and promote via PPC advertising methods. Money rolls within a day. I have written more about affiliate marketing in this blog and this article on making money as an affiliate marketer guides you through the steps (with videos too).

The advantage of affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to spend more time but you have to spend quality time once for setting up affiliate Ad campaigns and sit back to see the income.

So now you have two major options either becoming a freelancer or an affiliate marketer. To help you to a good decision, I have compared freelancing vs affiliate here & listed down the advantages and disadvantages which definitely helps you to decide better. Good Luck !

Other Ways of Making Money Without Website.

There are few other ways which helps you to earn some money but not big money. In general, if you have spare time then go for taking Online Surveys or Writing for Others. Apart from affiliate marketing or freelancing you could try any of these 2 methods. Lets see them in detail.

Writing For Others.

This is same like managing a blogging but only difference, you don’t need to start/own a blog. Instead join established revenue sharing sites and write useful articles for them. Your articles will be published on the revenue sharing sites & you will be paid a percentage of income that your article earns. I have listed 10 sites for writing articles and earning money that may redirect you to the variety of places where you could make money by writing.

The most recommended sites are hubpages, squidoo which has wider categories and especially their articles are ranking good in search engines too. And hence your article drives more visitors which helps to make more money. Since your income is shared with them, you will loose a major part of your income (say, 40% to 50%) and that’s why i mentioned comparatively you could not make big money.

For your information, generally article sharing sites are used by web masters to promote their own blogs or websites as a marketing tool.

Taking Online Surveys.

The second option is taking online surveys. There are sites where you could join and review a product by giving your comments or fill a survey form about a product/service. So for each survey you take about a product or service, you will be paid money. The amount paid-per-survey will be lesser usually and its widely depends on the country you are from and some time you have to buy the product for reviewing (so you may need credit card).

Cashcrate which is good on online survey where you could earn some money without using your credit card by taking free surveys or offers. Another alternative is project pay day and they are licit in payments. But i don’t think this as a professional approach (because i see more number of scams/bogus sites on this category) but if you want to try out, go for taking surveys.

This is not the final list, I have published a great list of tips for money making online, you could go through that article to widen your opportunities.

I strongly recommend you to either become a freelancer or an affiliate marketer which are good & better (because its based on your skill set and how you Believe In Yourself ?). Also, don’t waste your time by buying a junk ebook on how to make money online ? Follow the above methods, that’s well enough for an individual to make a decent income online without owning a website.


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