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Which Is The Best Money Making Business on Internet ?


One of the beginners problem with online business: finding the right business to make money and profits.

There are lot of opportunities out there in Internet to expand your online income as a part-time entrepreneur or even you could move to work full time on Internet based businesses. It works for some people and many failed because of various reasons.

Once of the failure reason is, not following the best strategy or not selecting the best method of business.

In short business on Internet is not so difficult however, what business you are adopting really matters than all !

Till date, i am giving great advice in this blog based on my own research and what i percept from online businesses (which i own as well as from what successful people are doing around).

Up to my knowledge and experience, i would say the best methods are: Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and Freelancing.

Best Money Making Businesses Are Here…

Long back, i wrote articles on these methodologies and classified them based on the business model that i want to recall here.

Blogging – I classify this as a long term business model because it involves lot of work right from setting up a blog to turning it into a profitable machine. It definitely requires a business plan at least the focus plan should be there – otherwise, you will be put into the dark one day. Read more on blogging as a long term business model.

Affiliate Marketing – I classify this as a short term business model because it requires not much hard work. However, you have to put the right steps in promoting a product in smart way. Either you could create your own product and make others to sell it. Or simply, pick others product, promote it and make money. This is one of the most profitable business model that you could make short term plans, test it, experiment it and continue as a repeat model. Read more on Affiliate marketing as a short term business model.

Freelancing – I classify this as a work and earn business model. It involves getting hired for a committed job and getting paid for the work done. You could make money only for the work and only when you work. However, you could not become rich by doing freelance work at the same time, blogging & affiliate marketing may turn you richer. Read more on freelancing as work and earn business model.

seeing the best results...As an added note, all these are never seen as a quick rich methods because you have to sit and do the smart+hard work in order to make a lot of money. Now coming back to the topic, which is the best money making business ?

Yes, i would say: building web sites/blogs and selling products are the 2 best methods you could adopt today.

There are lot of people who are living their life from these 2 methods and all you have to work persistently for the growth of your business. Yes, you have to treat this as a real world business and more important, you have to work seriously on it.

What Beginners Ought To Understand ?

The 2 most barriers are: Time and Knowledge.

Definitely, you must need the knowledge on these topics like where to start ? how to start ? and how to grow ? Apart from this, you have to dedicate quality time for your online business.

I started little and today i am growing faster day-by-day towards the target – this is happening only when i dedicate time for the online business.

You may be busy with your day job and you may not find much time to work online – this was the basic problem every individual gets in the earlier stage of online business. That’s why i am telling you to think your online business as a real world business so that you will dedicate time for it.

You have to push it hard every day and plan every thing like what you want to achieve ? how do you want to achieve ? This gives the clear picture on what you are doing today and what you will do tomorrow !

More on Blogging & Affiliate Marketing.

Few more readings on Blogging as business…

Few more readings on Affiliate marketing as business…

Final Thoughts…

As a beginner, you must keep all the below point in mind and try to follow them at most…

  • Select a profitable market – Either you do blogging or selling affiliate/own product, pick the right market. It decides a lot – it is good to get into a high competition market because you could find lot of buyers/people who are thirst of information/solutions.
  • Be Persistent – Business on Internet is not easy and more important, success doesn’t comes suddenly in a night. You have to do the right work to reveal the benefits and learn the right work first.
  • Plan & Fix Your Goals – Goals are very important in any business and planning is even more important. Plan everything right from what do you want to achieve and how you will achieve, this makes you clear in doing day-to-day activities. It saves lot of time.
  • Dedicate Time – if you are working part-time (like me), put yourself into commitment with your online business, automatically you will sit and work. Never give up.
  • Avoid Mistakes – i have compiled the common mistakes done by beginners, learn how to avoid online business mistakes ?
  • & all above, Seriously, treat your online business like real world business…

Good Luck.

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