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What Kind of Business Can You Start With Little Money ?


You are willing to start a business and that too investing little money. Right ? I assume you want to start an online business. Its extremely possible to start a business with little investment. Even there are ideas through which you could earn money with zero investment.

From my past experience i have identified two requirements: They are Time and Knowledge, its well enough to run an online business. First, you should be able to spend time for business and second, with proper Knowledge on where to start ? how to start ? how to grow ? This article gives you those ideas to start a business.

I will recommend you the few best business ideas that needs zero/little money to invest except your Time and Knowledge.

How To Start Freelancing Business ? (Zero Investment)

What you have do ? Join a freelance web site, take job offers that suites you, work online and earn money for the completed jobs. It basically a virtual office and you have to sell your skill set. Works are like Data entry operator, web designer, software programmer, typing jobs etc. So it depends on your skill set, work experience and the offer that you take. It requires absolutely $0 to start.

  • Identify and list down your skill set where you have the expertise knowledge.
  • Websites like Odesk, elance are the best place to start your freelance career.
  • Create a profile explaining all your skill set and work experiences.
  • Take the first job offer which well suites to your knowledge and the employers requirements.
  • In general, if you are able to spend 1-2 hours per day then it will be comfortable to work as a freelancer.

More Tips:

Blogging As Business. (Zero/little Investment)

Blogging is one of the hottest business now-a-days. Blogs are like diary where you could write about anything from personal to highly technical stuffs. You have to write useful articles in your blog which helps the visitors. Ultimately, you could make money from blogs too. The volume of visitors coming to your blog is directly proportional to the income. Options to make money are like running advertisements, selling products, selling Ad space etc. If you write more articles, you will get more visitors and hence more income.

  • Decide a blog topic, your most favorite interesting topic.
  • Start a free blog from Blogger.com or buy a self hosted domain (less than $50).
  • Write useful articles consistently (you have to write for lifetime).
  • Promote your blog (there are marketing techniques) to drive more visitors.
  • Setup your blog to make money.

More Tips:

More Ideas To Start Business With Little Investment.

There are much more options available for you, i have published many ideas which definitely guides you in that direction. Lets quickly go through few ideas.

Selling Products – You have to join an affiliate network. Select a digital product which solves the buyer problem (worthily product). Sell the product by driving visitors using Ad networks like Google Adwords, YSM.

Write an eBook – Other option, write an ebook on topic which you are more comfortable to advice others. There are sites like lulu.com which simply helps you to create formatted ebooks. Then sell them through Affiliate networks.
Read, Making Money By Publishing eBooks.

Earning From Writing – Join article writing sites like Hubpages, Squidoo, Buzzle. Write articles on any topic and based on the number of visitors coming to your article, you could earn money. You could run advertisements or sell products through your articles too. Read, Sites for Writing articles and earning money.

Here is the 25+ Money making tips

Finally, it is easy to start a business online with no/little invest of money. All you need, select the right idea, follow the right steps mainly investing your precious Time & Knowledge !

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  1. Some good ideas Ven on starting an internet business with little money.

    Totally agree with your two “core” requirements to start online: “time and knowledge”…

    As with any business on or off-line you definitely need these
    two Gems!

    I myself believe if you do not have the knowledge..Then you
    go out there on the net and take some time out and learn the skills set needed for up running your online business..

    That quality time spent learning will in the long run be a
    massive credit to your business.. ( time well spent!! )

    As always Thank you for sharing your knowledge Ven..

    Thank you, Harj

  2. i worked abroad before save a little amount now that i am going home i want to start a new small business of my own but i dont know what kind of business i will open

  3. hi sir good evening … that’s a brilliant idea and you share all people want to start a business .. like me , im maryrose calwit came from philippines i want start my own business in little money .. i’m still studying and i look a summer job .. but i first plan to start my own business in little money … i want to joined in your business .. and i hope you accepts. to help me in my knowledge and skills..

    thank you ..


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