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Without Website How To Make Money From Internet ? 5 Simple Ways


Don’t have a web site or blog ? Still, it is possible to make money from Internet without owning a website ? Yes, there are ways and you don’t need to worry anymore. There are huge number of resources in Internet to find out new methods to make money every day. And there are no restrictions for you and you could work on any thing which is more comfortable to you.

From my observations, to survey from Internet income, you need Time to work & Knowledge to work smart. If you have these two then you could definitely make money without owning any web sites. Its waste of time too working with a web site. If you have a plan to start your own web site then think twice before you take a decision. It screws your entire time and you have to work hard to build a complete website from scratch. So don’t worry if you don’t have a web site. Lets see how to earn without websites….

#1 – Join Hubpages, Writing And Earning.

Hubpages.com is the best place to write articles and earn money. Its more or less same like owning a website. Once you joined hubpages, you have to write useful articles on a topic. I would suggest you to write atleast 20 articles which solves a problem of the reader. Then apply for Google adsense and its done. In a month, your articles makes money depending on the amount of visitors coming to read your article.

Generally, hubpage articles are liked by search engines and it drives more search engine traffic. It happens naturally, thats why i suggest you to go for hubpages.com. Moreover, its free to join hubpages. Apart from Adsense, you could integrate your Amazon account to sell related products from your articles.

Its basically a revenue sharing web site and you will be shared with 60% of the income. Remaining 40% of the income will be taken by hubpages. There are people who earned more than $4K from hubpages.

Sounds bad ???

Flixya is one of the 100% Adsense revenue sharing web site. Try it out !

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Say No To websites !
Say No To websites !

#2 – Sell Demanding Products Online.

Internet has always demand for information and digital products. Join clickbank, CJ.com and find out a digital product that has demand in Internet. The handy Google Keyword Tool tells, how much demand the market has for the given keywords. Select such demanding product and get their affiliate (referral) link.

Now go to Google Adwords and create an account. It costs few dollars to initiaze your adwords account. Create an Ad campaign, write catchy Ad title/text and put your referral link. Launch your campaign and earn commission for every product sale. Allocate Ad budget, x2 or x3 times the commission value to start with this method.

#3 – Combining Hubpages & Selling Products.

You learned 2 methods and now the 3rd method is, combining hubpages and selling demanding products. Find a demanding product and write about that product in hubpages linking to your referral link. The 3 best ideas to sell via hubpages:

  • Write reviews explaining that product, simply tell the features of the product.
  • Address a problem in your article and show the product as solution.
  • Write “tips”, “how tos” related to the product and recommend your product to the reader.

This way, your hubpages will make money through Adsense as well as through the product sales. Its a dual game ! You don’t need to spend money for Adwords advertisements. Learn more about Hubpages marketing.

Want some simple methods ?

#4 – Using Twitter For Income.

Have a twitter account ? Its time to create a Twitter account (if you don’t have) and to increase your number of followers. You could simply, increase the number of followers by following many people. Once you got 100+ followers, Ad.ly is the place to join. Once joined, you have to take an offer and sent tweets to your followers. Based on the exposure you create with your twitter account, you will be paid.

Just now came to know from this article that a celebrity who earned more than 2+ million followers earned $10K simply sending a tweet. Why don’t you become a celebrity today ? You could also buy twitter followers from Twitter1k to instantly increase your followers count to 1000+.

Try out Buzzom which helps you to easily grow your twitter followers free of cost. I am personally trying to increase my twitter followers count using buzzom !

With Proof: How I Increase Twitter Followers By Spending 10 Minutes Per Day ?

#5 – Become A Freelancer.

Doing freelancing is another way, for that you need good working knowledge. Some of the demanding freelance jobs are Copy writers, data entry operators, software developers, web designers, Graphic designers etc. Its exactly a virtual office, you will be paid based on the work hours and how well you are completing the assigned job.

Its tough to get a job opportunity in the beginning stage but once you built a decent profile, you could easily make more money. Odesk, elance are few of the best places to start you freelancing career. The advantage of freelancing is that you could work at anytime which is more convenient to your life style. Its too flexible. Learn the steps to make money using freelance.

Bonus Tip #6 – Now Playing Games.

Do you have the habit of playing computer games ? Yes, looks like you could make some cash out of that habit. Websites like MSN Games, Gamesville are offering cash prizes for playing video games online. Playing computer games is always fun. If you are more familiar to popular games then for sure you could win these cash prizes. Especially, those who are game lovers will definitely like this method to make extra money without owning a web site. Learn more about how to make money playing games ? from ehow.com.

There are many more ideas to make money without website, i have compiled 25+ money making tips which shows you more such methods. If you have a future plan to start a web site business then consider buying established web sites, it has many advantages over building a new website from scratch which is a headache.

Good Luck !

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  1. It is possible to make money online using free bloggs like blogger, but you need to spend at least some money if you want to make descent money. There is no way to make a nice income without spending a dime.

    • Ganar,

      i believe start a blog, produce useful content, free methods of SEO, consistency are enough to make decent money from a blogger blog !

  2. Hi,

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    We really hope you would cover us in your blog.

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    Deep Sherchan

    • DS,

      Thanks for noticing my post and your comments !

      I personally feel that buzzom’s user interface is great. And i am using to grow my followers list (one of the way). The statistics it shows about the twitter account is useful. One example, i came to know that “i am retweeting very less” only after seeing those statistics.

  3. As a beginner, i think the best way on how to make money affiliate marketing without a website is via Squidoo lens. If you have good content, all you need to do is register and post the article there.

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    • The business of backlink service is really hot and it will be hot as long as search engines are there in this world…thanks for your suggestion n commenting here.


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