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Ways To Grow Online Business Traffic With Your Website


There are numerous ways to grow your online business traffic. Your business website is ready now, products are ready for sale, advertisements are up and running. But the sad part of this, no visitors, no traffic. It is clear that you need traffic to drive your online business. Moreover, in order to keep on growing your business, you should need more and more peoples to visit your website. Keep visitors coming back. Is that simple ? Of course, this could be a simple thing if you are doing the right steps in right way.

These are some of great ways to grow online business traffic.

Email Marketing, to knock the door.

Marketing your business through email is an approach like “knocking the door”. This helps to keep your visitors stay up-to-date with your business progress. You visitors may come back to your site on seeing an update from you. It makes you to grow traffic with your own network of visitors for your online business at any time. Email marketing, is the simplest method to retain the traffic that is really required for any online business to grow. At the same time, the hardest part is to build that network for you.

Posting URLs, making your business visible.

Give maximum exposure to your business by dropping your website URLs wherever possible. But think before you drop like, are you posting URL at the right place ? Right place in the sense, a website or forum related to niche products, related to your niche. This is like pasting posters on the wall. 😉 So make your best to paste on visible places. That works better. In short, don’t be junk. The ultimate goal here is to increase the visibility for your online business. If more visible then absolutely more traffic.

Use the most of auction sites, targeted traffic.

By initiating an online sale in major auction sites gets you traffic. You could make a product of yours or an affiliate product for sale through sites like ebay, amazon. This helps people visiting ebay & amazon to come to your website. This also increases your leads or sales since you are getting a targeted traffic here. 😉 This is totally a different method to grow quality traffic to your website. But the most important thing here is putting a quality product for sale. That makes all to work good for your online business.

Again comes the quality.

To make all easy, keep quality flowing everywhere. From your website design to the content, product sale to the product reviews. Offer quality to your visitors. This helps to grow the customer confidence for your online business. In reality, converts the visitors into money making customers (the hardest part of online business). Keep fresh content, update your site with up-to-date information. In short, stay tuned. Quality automatically grows the traffic and grows the revenue of your online business. It gives more than money in return.

Shopping Bots.

For those who don;t know about shopping bots. Shopping bots are like search engines. Search engines for finding information and shopping bots for shoppers to make price comparison of the product they want. It compares various products in terms of features, reviews and cost. So if your product involves there, you are making a way to grow your traffic. Some of the major shopping bots are Froogle, Shopzilla, Yahoo Shopping. This is an another way to grow targeted traffic for your business. Find out the best shopping bot for your product, that markets your business for best.

This wikipedia link shows the list of shopping bots. Price Comparison Services.

Free Advertising.

This is the most efficient technique to grow online business traffic. Some of ways are, putting ads on free classifieds, image publishing etc. Read this article on How to free advertising your online business ? Doing free advertising to grow traffic gives you 100% profit for your online business.

Offline Methods to grow traffic.

There is no restriction like you should promote your online business only online. Sometimes offline methods works best. Some of the common ways to grow your traffic are advertising over newspapers, publishing newsletters by post or by hand, wall posters, vehicle ads etc. This definitely increases the website traffic to great extent.

I hope these are the uncommon ways to drive traffic but more powerful ways. There are tonnes of articles in Internet related to this topic, how to build website or blogs traffic, SEO bla…bla. I know most of them are repeating the same ways. I liked to show some unusual ways to help the readers, hence this article born.

I would suggest, find out the right ways that works good for you. Be consistent and be repeating those steps. Set your mind to serve the visitors. Understand the importance of visitors in online business. Traffic flows like flood and that definitely grows your online business.


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