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Ways To Avoid Money Making Scams – Easy Tips


Do everyone believe in making money from Internet ? No. Why ? Because of the scams and frauds spread across the Internet to steal your money.

When it comes to online business, every one is fearing and taking a move back. It is true that there are more number of online frauds to cheat you. But in reality, you should not give a chance for the scammers to catch you. Now the question comes, how to find out the online scams ? What are the ways to avoid ? Definitely yes, you could easily identify and avoid the online scams with these easy tips.

Don;t over react.

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind, don;t over react on seeing a money making program (that guarantees to make $10000). You should not click any links or you should not show your credit card immediately seeing the program. Take time to analyse the program first before you react.

Don;t believe in look n feel.

Are you seeing flashy images and graphics running left, right through out the site ? Are you seeing money, money every where ? Are you seeing something like “become millionaire soon” ? If you seeing any of these then don’t believe in them. In short, don;t give importance to the colorful look n feel.

Awake up your common sense.

When you are trying new things, you should use your common sense. Thats the sixth sense in you, use it. Just go through that site and see what they have written or what they are telling is making sense ? Is it really believable ? Is that not a fantasy or illusion ? For sure, if you read the things more careful with patience, you could easily identify the trusting.

Beware of Testimonials.

Testimonials are something like members feedbacks. You could see most of these programs have fraudulent testimonials. Don;t believe in them. See a sample testimonial below.

Hi, I am Ross Joe, I recently joined this money making program. The day one I earned 500$ without any investment but I worked only for 10 minutes and earned this amount. Now I am doing a happy living with this excellent program bla…bla…

We don;t know how far these informations are true ? Even some sites are showing payment proof cheques. But we don;t know, is that a real cheque or fake one. Beware of it !

Terms And Conditions.

The important thing to read before joining any kind of online schemes. Don;t avoid, if the TAC is too lengthy. Take enough time to read and understand what they have written. Understand the program policy first, usually mentioned in the TAC. Better take a print-out and read. Because, if you joined the program without knowing the terms, you will suffer hardly in the future.

Use Better Business Bureau to find out the website in their database. you could search the websites URL and see any complaints are raised already against them. This really brings the truth about the money making program before you eyes.

Ensure This Short Checklist.

Check for the following items in that website.

  • Do contact information (at least phone no.) is available ?
  • Do they have support (at least via email) ?
  • Do the program offers money back guarantee ?

Even more, you could try to contact them using their number or via email to confirm the existence of the provider or company.

Beware of Bulk E-mail.

Bulk emails are junk mails coming to your inbox. It may carry links to spam sites that is more intelligent to detect your activities like stealing your password, card numbers etc. So never open the mails in spam/bulk folder or don;t open the mails from unknown person or mails from unknown e-mail ids. Click on the links in the mail only if you have the trust.

Statistics released by BBC says, 95% of the mails floating over Internet are scams and only 5% are legitimate. So beware of bulk e-mail.

Read Reviews – Best Way.

Before joining any money making program, read the reviews about that program. This helps you to know what others are telling about the program ? You could identify how other peoples are doing with this program. Reading reviews helps to easily take the joining decisions and filters the scams away from you. So read reviews, read more reviews.

Sharing Account Information.

Never share your bank account information or credit card numbers through e-mail. High possibilities are there to leak your details to others. Don;t share.

If you follow these tips, you are completely free from online scams always. Have Scam Free Money Making. 🙂

Read this FTC Tips For Avoiding Pyramid Schemes for some more information.


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