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More Ways of Making Money Without Website


In the latest series on, how to start a money making business ? we discussed about making money without website (you could read that article too). This article is an extension of that helping you to find more ways of making money without website. Its not like you must always need a website or a blog to earn online income yourself.

Internet has multiple business opportunities to make money without website and i will help you with more such ideas in this article. I want you to take a good decision after reading this article and i will be happy too to help people like you. Okay, lets see those ways….

Selling Domain Names For Money.

Yes, domain sellers are always hot in making great business deals online. For beginners, domain names are website names (ex. Yahoo.com is a domain name). If you have good domain names in your hand then that’s the gold mine. Domain names are like gold. You can sell through auctions on Internet and one who pays more money can get the domain name from you.

So go to Whois and find new domain names which are not already registered. Take a dictionary in hand & hunt for common words like car.com, cup.com, icecream.com and related words like cartips.com, weightlosstips.com etc. Its hard to find such domain names, if you find one then just register it on your name. Registering a domain name costs less than 10$. Once you registered a domain name, then go to Godaddy or Sedo and sell it. Hot domain names are sold easily for more than 1000$ !

Making Money From Photos.

Do you have a camera ? Then, its great. Take your camera and click few great photos. Go to Shutterstock and register. Its free to join. Upload your photos & it will viewed by millions of visitors. Interestingly, when somebody likes you photo & downloads, you will be paid money ! That’s simple, right ? Another site is, ShutterPoint there also you could sell your photos. Only thing, you have to capture creative & eye-catchy photos that everyone likes to take !

Sell Any Used Products For Money.

Do your home has unused items ? Anything like DVD player, water heater or anything. Take a snap of that & ready with a description of that product. Go to ebay.com & register. Its free to join ebay. Once registered, you can easily sell that unused product by filling the product details & snaps of the product. You could set the auction rate too. If you have really useful products then ebay sells for you easily. You will be paid with the money. Check out this page on how to sell a product on ebay ?

Writing own eBooks.

eBooks are always hot in the Internet. If you are able to write useful ebooks then its extremely good. Just list down your interests or knowledge and select a topic that you are more willing to guide others. Then write 20-30 pages on that topic explaining the in-and-out of the topic. In other way, try to address a problem in that topic by explaining the solution’s. A ebook that solves others problem really sells good. Read out this article for how to make money by selling content ? It helps you in where to start & how to make money from content ? Also learn, what kind of content makes money ? it helps to refine your writing flow.

Try Online Forex Trading.

Forex trading is almost same like stock markets. But here you will do the trade with currencies. You have to buy currencies which may go high value in the market with a prediction. Then sell the currency when it goes high. For example, if USD is going high then buy it and sell when it reaches too high so that you get profits by the gained money value. This is a risky method and purely depends on the market factors. Marketiva, etora are the few known sites where you can do the forex trading, they offer free trails too. So take a trial and see how it goes.

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