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Unrecommended Methods To Make Money And What Are Those Recommended Methods ?


Its a tricky title, and i do not recommend few methods to make money (not to harm anyone) which in reality may help you make money but not looks professional to my eyes. Also, i will recommend few methods that are professional and helps you to build a strong source of monthly income ! But you could do whatever you want, i don’t ask you đŸ˜‰

Unrecommended Methods…

Fusioncash.net – Its a site where you have to fill forms regarding various products or services listed. Basically, its paid survey and you will be paid money for each completed survey. Its free to join. I see like they are paying from 0.50$ to 25$ per form you fill. Upon joining you will be given with a bonus of 5$ and again 5$ for each person you refer to this site.

ProjectPayday – Again its a paid survey site. But to mention, I see many websites are recommending project pay day. I think only US members are eligible to join this site. This Testimonial on project pay day is telling many stories, you could go through it to learn more. Looks like there are offers where you have to buy a product and then you have to give your opinion in order to earn money. Also, for every person you refer, you will get $1.50 to 3$ as commission.

MyCreditCardCash.com – Its $1 to join this site. You will be given with a pre-built website and that website has credit card application forms. You have to send visitors to that website by marketing/advertising it. For each successful application referral, you will be paid money. Looks over a period after trail, you have to pay around $37 to own that website as yours. So number of referrals decides the amount of income.

SurveyAdventure.com – Again a paid survey site which is free to join. Check out this page on how surveryadventure works ?

Inboxdollars.com – One of the old site which offers payment to read emails. Just register with your email id, read whatever email they sends & you will earn cash for doing so. They give $5 to join & again $5 for each person you refer to their site. If you become a gold member you will get more email’s which pays you more money to read. SendMoreInfo.com is similar site which pays for reading email.

Get paid for Viewing Ads – Here are few sites like Hits4pay.com, clixsense.com, Neobux.com etc. which pays for each advertisement you view. Generally, you have to watch the ad (web site) for 30 seconds & they will give you few dollars for this junk work ($0.05 more or less per view).

All these methods are simple to do and no extra knowledge needed.


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Let's Think...
Let's Think...

But the question comes, are these methods worth ?

A simple answer, it depends on every one’s view. In my view, these are not great methods. I would say, cheap methods (don’t blame me). Internet has many opportunities to earn money. In order to become successful and to setup a strong steady income system, you have to work on something else. These are short term methods which gives you few dollars today. But you may not earn anything from these methods tomorrow. That means it lacks the system. Viewing an advertisement for a minute and earning 0.05$ is worth ? I know well that they don’t show you ads every minute.

For example, i have tried clixsense and they will give you less chance to see ads. Usually, if you get 10 ads per day that’s a big volume. But they have categories also like premium members, free members. Premium member will get more chances to see more ads (not many more) but free members will see less ads per day. To become a premium member, you have to pay money (i think clixsense charges $10 to become a premium member for an year). It should be same with other methods too.

Paid surveys, if they offer all the surveys for free then its okay but for completing an offer if you have to buy a product then you have to think twice. This guy had reviewed project pay day here and he is telling that it works good. But i never tried these and i don’t want to waste time & money with these cheap methods. So think before you react, ask yourself is that worth doing ? I recommend don’t waste your time on these methods.

BUT its worth to do referral for these sites. Because, sending people to this site to join doesn’t needs any magic apart from a high traffic web page. If your site gets good traffic just send the visitors to these sites & if they signup you will earn commission. Even few few dollars will become a huge income. So I recommend you to do referral for these sites instead of joining and doing that junk works.

Now another question, What else method i recommend here ? And what else method makes real strong income ?

Recommended Methods…

Yes, my answer is BAF. Blogging-Affiliate-Freelancing are the methods i recommend to every one. These are best methods i believe and i see.

Take Blogging, its really a fun game. You will own a website and you are the owner of it. Its under your control, you could write anything you want. It works well and earns more readers, money, provided you are adding value to your blog. I agree, it takes time to establish but once established its a strong source of income, do you agree ? Moreover, you start a blog with 0$ investment. đŸ™‚

Next comes, Affiliate Marketing which is a decent method of online business. But definitely, you have to invest money for advertising or hard work to market the affiliate product. The end results are huge and steady. You don’t really need to sit and work, its like a configurable system. You have great affiliate networks like clickbank, CJ etc. And Google Adwords, YSM on the other side to sell the affiliate product with even less than 50$ budget. You will earn good commission up to 75% for each sale & if you sell 10 such products every day, its a strong income source, right ?

Now Freelancing which is same like your day job. Your skill set plays a major role. Anything you know like typing, writing, software programming, virtual assisting etc. you could find an online job in freelance sites. For each hour you work, you will earn the money. And the only requirements are time & knowledge.

The idea is, find out free time & use your existing work knowledge to earn money. Sites like odesk, elance are paying good too without cheating you & your job. Moreover, its kind of flexible to you to find a job. Its completely your wish. If you have good experience in day job then for sure you could earn strong income through freelancing jobs.

So my point here in this article is, don’t spend your time on short term junk methods. Instead, pay attention to long term strategies that actually builds you strong income source. Think twice before you take decision every time. If you are already making good money from these junk methods then you could share me the advantages that you see. But I see BAF wins over all these junk methods and its worth investing your time (or even money) for blogging, Affiliate marketing, freelancing.

These 3 methods are professional approach, many of the successful entrepreneurs are bloggers & affiliate marketers. Can you show me anyone who became a millionaire doing paid survey ? Check out Entreprenuer.com’s Success Stories it shows you about the real kind of online business winners.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


  1. I thing its a website where you have to complete types regarding various goods and solutions detailed. Generally, its compensated study and you will be compensated money for each finished study. Its free to be a part of. I see like they are spending from 0.50$ to 25$ per type you complete. Upon becoming a member of you will be given with a extra of 5$ and again 5$ for each individual you consult this site


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