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Twitter SMS Feature Now Launched In Australia & Tips to Better Utilize Twitter SMS Feature


You can use Twitter features from your mobile phones via SMS (Short Messaging Service). Now it is launched in Australia too. Previously, it was supported for only few countries like US, India, UK etc.

The interesting feature provided by Twitter is that you could send and receive Tweets from your mobile phones. Tweets are by SMS. So if you want to send a tweet then you have to send an SMS formatted based on the Twitter Text Commands.

In general, Twitter works with the mobile service provider to enable this feature. Check this Twitter Mobile support page to know the list of supported countries and the list of supported service providers. Whenever you are away from your PC, you could send tweets through mobile phones. SMS Charges are applicable as per the rates fixed by your provider and no charge for receiving tweets.

To frankly say, today only i came to know this feature from Twitter’s blog. So i am adding few more points in this post on how to better utilize Twitters SMS feature for your business.

(only for those who care about their MOBILE BILL…)

  • First of all, for every tweet you send, it will be charged per SMS rate. So if you have free SMS’s available then you use this feature.
  • Use SMS tweeting only in case of urgency. Say for example, if one of your customer needs your reply immediately then use it. Try to avoid using SMS tweeting feature as much as possible to reduce the extra cost to your mobile bill.
  • Use SMS tweeting feature to post a single question. For example, on a day you may want to just ask a question to your followers then you could use this feature. You will get all the replies to your mobile (no charge for incoming tweets) to read. On that case, you don’t need to reply them.

Also, learn the Twitter Text Commands here or just take a print out for instant future reference !  Here is the news from Twitter.

Also, if you don’t know how to configure Twitter to use with your mobile phone then check out this helpful video.


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