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Twitter Business Features Enhancing To Use Contributors


Twitter has various business features and it is well known that many of the business firms are utilizing Twitter. Recently, a news from twitter blog says that they are working on enhancing the business features of Twitter. As part of their enhancement, the feature “Contributors” is under beta testing. Twitter will be adding this feature to both the web and their Twitter API’s.

Generally, whenever a tweet is made the byline holds the user name. For business accounts, there may be multiple persons operating a single Twitter account. Say, for example a business firm may do customer support through Twitter and they have multiple persons working on the support team. In that scenario, multiple users are added as “Contributors” to a single account. Every individual has the right to tweet using one single account. Also, the byline contains the username of the Contributor which tells the exact name of the one who tweets that message. For sure this kind of feature may help business firms who are willing to operate their twitter account with multiple resources.

For example, if the @bizmanager calls @bizsupport1 to make a Tweet then at the bottom of the tweet message (byline) will have the username as @bizsupport1 instead of @bizmanager. That’s more of adding personal to your business support right ?

The following is the note mentioned on this blog post – feature test with businesses,

The feature we are beta testing is called ‘Contributors’ – it enables users to engage in more authentic conversations with businesses by allowing those organizations to manage multiple contributors to their account.

Initially, this feature will be released to their Ecosystem partners & business user. Based on the feedback and after doing additional improvements (if any) they will launch this feature to every business users.


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