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Tips On How To Make Money With Bing ? Future About Bing


Bing the new search engine but also a decision engine was launched today. This article on how to make money with Bing just borns today. So lets take a look on Bing first.

Microsoft claims Bing will be the best search engine in the future. It is more than a search engine that helps the users to make decisions for any kind of queries starting from travel advice to buy a shirt. Though I tried searching for some information and landed with good results. But We will know the real quality of the search results only on the regular usage. I would say it takes time to override the power of Google search. We have to wait for sometime !

Okay, lets come to our topic. The idea is very simple. Consider whatever you are doing now with Google for making money, the same could fall here for Bing. But again everything depends on how far the new Bing beating Google. You could promote your affiliate sale through Bing. You could drive more traffic to your blog or site through Bing because you know traffic converts you the money.

Statistics says, more than 60% of the world searches are occupied by Google and the remaining covered by yahoo, MSN & Ask. Now its time for Bing, say it is working good and providing quality content to the users. Then for sure it a big hit and hence possibility is that people will start using Bing to drive their online business to make more income. It is required to occupy the higher percentage of the world’s search engine revenue. Looks Bing stands out in the features. One simple example is that Bing shows the sidebar when your move your mouse over the search results. Its shows some description and the quick URL list that looks good.

Here are the two tips that works out for the future to make some money or to increase your income with Bing.

Start Promoting Affiliates via Bing

Microsoft is planning to launch a big Ad campaign for Bing. For sure this takes their engine to the next level. So you could start promoting your affiliate sites and the advertisements in Bing. You may find a bit slower in the initial stage but when this becomes more popular you may find best results. So don’t
wait start now to promote your affiliate sales through Bing.

Study the Bing SEO

You could start learning the new concepts of the Bing engine. How that ranks the page and how the results are shown based on what criteria ? like that seo stuffs. Implement them in your site to drive more visitors. Now you have two main sources of traffic one from Google and another from Bing. Of course, more traffic leads to more income or more money.

As I told, the idea is to try whatever you are doing with Google. If Bing wins then definitely there will be benefits for you in the future. So try to start driving your online business using Bing, you may see making more money in the future.

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