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Tips For Making Money Without Owning A Blog


There are many ways for making money from Internet. And now-a-days, its quite common that many people are running blogs especially for making money. Because blogging is too flexible that you could work on your spare time and also, its a long term business process. You have to work hard to see greater results from blogging and it takes time.

So without owning a blog, how to make money ? If you don’t want to struggle with blogs then also there are many ways. Its quite interesting that Internet has many advantages to utilize your spare time. You could set up an extra income every month. But all you have to do, find the best strategy which suites you and which is more comfortable to work.

This article helps for those who want to earn without running a blog, i will tell you the most common methods here first. Finally, i will refer you with multiple options.

Affiliate Product Business.

One of the most common alternative for blogs is Affiliate Business. To simply explain, it involves selling others product and earning commission for each sale. There are web sites where you could find such products called Affiliate Networks. Join there, select a product, promote that product and earn commission for every sales you made. The percentage of commission varies from product to product and from network to network. For example, Clickbank pays up to 75% of commission.

The major fact, how you are selling the products ? Either you could advertise by spending money or utilize free methods to sell the product. What you have to do ? After selecting the product, you have to drive traffic to the Affiliate (referral) link so that out of 100 visitors, 1 may buy the product.

Freelancing Work.

Have working knowledge ? Do you have any work experience related to computers or IT? Do you have some computer skills to type/data entry ? Then freelancing suites you. Yes, freelancing is like working for virtual office where you could register your profile, get hired, complete the assigned jobs and earn money for the work done. You will be paid either based on the completion of work or pay-per-hour basis.

Freelancing jobs are like Data Entry Operator, Software Programmer, Web Designer, Writer, Virtual Assistants etc. What you need is, Time to work and Knowledge to work.

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Lets find alternatives...
Lets find alternatives...

If You Don’t Hate To Write.

There are ways to write same like blogging but you don’t need to own a blog. You don’t need to manage the blog. Instead, Join article writing sites like Hubpages.com or Squidoo.com. These are revenue sharing sites where you could write articles on any topic.

Run advertisements, sell products and earn a share of income. Generally, webmasters/bloggers use these sites to promote/market their own blogs. But if you hate blogs and don’t hate writing then you could give a try. There are many revenue sharing sites apart from hubpages and squidoo.

Distribute Content.

There are sites to distribute contents like Images/Photos, Videos, Articles. What you do is register and join Flixya.com. Share the content over Flixya and earn money based on its performance. Flixya runs advertisements around your content on their page. How much your page earns depends on the volume of traffic that your content drives. You will be given with 100% share of the revenue, that’s the greatest advantage of Flixya.

  • Its totally dependent on your interests. For example, if you are interested in photography (and hate writing) then you could share only photos to earn.

Few more tips…

Here are the few more tips which helps you to understand, what the other simple methods to make money without owning a blog.

Self Publishing Ebooks.

If you are an expert in a topic, write an ebook. It should be around 100-150 pages covering the complete topic in-and-out. Just use your regular document editor (msword, startoffice etc) to write a ebook. Then using Lulu, publish it as an ebook and its ready to sell. Also, utilize Affiliate networks like Clickbank, CJ to sell your ebook where you could easily find affiliates (sellers) for your ebook. Learn to Make money by self publishing ebooks.

Forex Online Trading.

Trading with currency (forex trading) is another method to increase your online income. It involves buying and selling currency (in USD, EURO etc) which have demanding growth in the market. Its highly risky like purchasing stocks. Generally, i don’t recommend such risky stuffs in my blog but its one of the alternative (if you don’t want to own a blog).

Buying Websites.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to run a blog, you could simply buy established web sites. Because its tough to bring up a site from scratch, it takes time. So its a good idea to buy an established site and to comfortably make money out of it (anyway, you have to maintain). Read more on Advantages of buying web site and it refers the respective sites where you could buy.


As mentioned earlier, if you hate to own a blog you could easily adopt another method. That’s the greatest flexibility of Internet where you need to spend Time with right Knowledge in order to make money. Whatever you do ? First, understand how it works ? Then proceed.

Don’t believe in “Get Rich schemes” and keep in mind that, without doing any work you could not earn from Internet.

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