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5 Things To Avoid And Quash In Your Online Business Website


When it comes to your online business website, there are numerous things to avoid. Here I would like to discuss the most common and most important items that any one should eliminate or don’t do that in their business website. The success of the online business stands on, how we are taking the right steps in each of the situation and each of the development phase.

Planning is more important, it is not like you are doing something daily and it happens something on your business. Each of your move should make that sense. I could give you tonnes of advice but making this post short to convey the things quicker to you. These things are more generic and could be applicable for all kind of sites from business to personal blogs.

Avoid Overloading Audio/Multimedia.

  • The foremost enemy of your business website, overloaded multimedia content like background audio, running videos, showing up a lengthy flash animation, too much of images/gifs etc.
  • After your site loads, if you are running a background audio that is the most crucial mistake of this year. The sudden hearence of the audio annoys your visitor and she runs away from you. This shows that your site is not built with professionalism.
  • Moreover overloaded multimedia content distracts the visitors eyes and diverts the concentration.
  • But at the same time, you should use these content in the right amount and in the right place. That makes more sense.

So don’t overload your business site with too much of multimedia content unless it is really required for a reason.

Avoid Using Complex Website Navigation.

When the user comes to your site, he will look for the information, he will look for even more information. So you should give more chance for the visitor to see all the informations, this could be achieved through the better and simpler implementation of the page navigation in your website.

  • Avoid having a menu with 20-30 options to choose from, always make the list smaller and have sub-categories if you need more. This makes the visitor to quickly get into his relevant topic.
  • Provide her with more related information in every page of your web site. This makes the visitors to stay in your site for longer time.
  • Simply saying, keep your web site structure simple.
  • Don’t make the user to click more than twice to reach a particular page.
  • Provide option to navigate between topics and within topics through the left, right and home links.
  • Always consolidate your content and present them easily accessible to the visitors.

Don’t Avoid Reviewing The Content.

The content that you are making for your business website is more important.

  • Have multiple round of review on the content that you are going to publish. Even if you are the single author, you could review your content twice before putting it online.
  • Always make your content relevant to the page title. You should avoid headline mistakes.
  • Keep the content short and try to convey the message shorter.
  • Avoid dumping the page with too much of information.
  • Read the program policies of the advertisement programs or other programs that you have joined and strictly adhere to their policy. Never violate their policy in your content.
  • Your content should indirectly market your business. You should create content keeping this in mind.

Avoid Using Techno-Jargons.

You content should not use more complex jargons. keep in mind, not all of your visitors are technically sound. But again that depends on your business domain or niche. Use simple words and keep simple sentences.

Avoid Being Out-dated From Your Business.

  • Don’t get out-dated on your business domain.
  • Keep the fresh content and up-to-date information flowing on your web site.
  • Always ping your subscribers with some information to convey them that you are active and live.
  • Have interactive mediums on your site like feedback or commenting section, internal blogs, forums etc. This gives you and your business more chance to update more and more relevant information around your business web site.

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