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Text Ads: Tips To Write Perfect Quality Text Ads


Text Ads are the most successful advertising medium. It is required to write perfect and quality text Ads in order to reach the higher position in the search result pages. You have to attract more visitors for clicking your Ads. Right ? This article depicts some of the proven tips for writing better text Ads.

Google Adwords, is the most successful text ad network in the Internet world. The tips explained here are not only specific to Adwords but applicable to all kind of Textual advertisements.

In general the structure of the Text Ads contains Header, Description (one or two lines) and the URL (your website address). It all depends on how you are effectively utilizing these columns with the right keyword combinations. So I would say, keywords combination is more important in text ads.

Deriving The Base Keywords.

When it comes to Text based Ads, keywords are the key to win. You must use the appropriate keyword in each line of the Ad. So deciding the keywords is the foremost step in creating your text ads. Select the right base keyword that exactly tells what your advertisement about. Base keyword should tell what your website offers to the visitor.

For example, if you are advertising to sell books then some of the base keywords to use are like “Buy Books”, “Book Store”, “Book Shop”, “Get Books”. These keywords really speaks about your advertisement.

Deriving The Driving Keywords.

Your base keywords are arrived and now you have make that keywords into a driving force. Yes, you have to come up with the driving keywords with the driving words. Something like polishing the advertisement. This grabs the visitors attention. This builds a trust on your advertisement. It creates the interest to click your text Ads. So how do the driving keywords looks ?

Some of the driving keywords are like “How To”, “Best”, “Free”, “Tips”, “Find”, “x% Off”, “Special Offer”, “Looking For” etc. I think now you have got some idea about the driving keywords. You have to prepare a list of words like this.

Merging The Base And Driving Keywords.

Now you are having the base and driving keywords, the next step is merging them to form the powerful text. To make the Ads to work out good, You have to put the keywords in the right combination.

Lets frame a text with our example like “Buy Books Special Offer”. I would say this is a perfect text for your advertisement because it carries the words like “Buy books” (what your visitor is looking for ?) “Special Offer” (that every one loves while buying a book).

Believe me, this keyword combination really works good. So do a better mix up.

The above 3 steps are applicable for both the headline and description lines. This is the matter of using the common sense, what do you say ? Here is another article especially for Adwords Text Ads Optimization Tips written by Google.

Okay. Lets gibe some insides of the quality text Ads.

Give A Life To Ads.

Your text Ads should have the life. In the sense, it should speak to the visitors. You should keep in mind how the real world marketer speaks to the customers for making a sale ? You have to apply that logic here in writing your text ads. So give that oxygen to ads.

Always Make A Call.

In any kind of advertisements, a call-to-action really works good. Since the public is always looking for information in Internet, when they see a call, they will follow. So call the visitors to follow your ads. Some of the common terms that calls for action are like “try today”, “try now”, “find here” etc. You could frame similar kind of calling keywords.

Understand The competition.

In business, competition is common. You should understand the competition and find out what the competitors are doing. You should not follow them but you should break them with your “uniqueness”. You may have to alter the keywords accordingly to stand out from the competition.

For example, if your competitor is showing the actual price in Ads, you could show the saving price or discount price along with the actual price in your Ads.

Question Drives More.

Ask questions in your text ads. It is common that whenever you are seeing a question, you may wish to find the answer. Right ? So if you are asking a question in your advertisement, for sure your visitor will click your ads to find the answer. So go with questions.

Test Drive Your Ads.

Always don’t stick to single ads. Frame out multiple version ads with varying keywords in different combination and run them in parallel. Find out which one works good, use that. Better go with divide and use policy ie., dropping the poor performing ads and following the better performing ads.

If you follow these steps for sure you could write perfect text ads which drives higher CTR (click-through-rate).  Always apply your common sense when it comes to advertising, that makes sense. 😉


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