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5 Steps To Create Your Own Online Store


Online Stores are becoming popular on the Internet for the past few years. And every year, the number of Internet buyers are increasing. When the situation is like that, creating an online store and running such online business is not a complex process today. You don’t need to invest big instead by spending few dollars you could launch your own store in a couple of days. The idea is combining blogging & online store. Okay, let’s see those 5 simple steps to create your own online store!

Step #1 – Locate Demanding Market.

The first step is locating the target market. Its basically finding the market which has demand on the Internet.

Few example markets are Skin/Health Care Products, Stock/Finance Management, Online Business Products, Movie Streaming Subscriptions, Web design products etc.

Now the question is, how to find such demanding market?

  • There is a tool known as Google Keywords Tool which helps you to simply locate the demand in the market for the given keywords. It is always good to find a moderately demanding product which has the search volume of around 5K to 100K.
  • Do a quick search on Google and see how many established websites are shown for those keywords. If you see a number of established sites then you have to find another market – you can install freeĀ mozbar to find it.
Nice Store ! Nice Products !
Nice Store ! Nice Products !

Step #2 – Find Quality Products.

So you have decided your market. Now you have to pick products from that market to sell. The most common place is Amazon which has tonnes of products in all kind of markets.

Join Amazon Associates and pick affiliate links (referral links) for the products from your market.

Now you have the goal set. You know the market, you have the products and you know its demand.

Step #3 – Create Your Store.

The interesting part is creating your own online store. To make the steps simple, let us see what are all needed to create an online store?

  • A domain name, which reflects the aim of your store. I would recommend you to buy your own domain name and don’t create a free blogger blog. Because free blogs will have the domain name like .blogspot.com which doesn’t give TRUST to your visitors.
  • A simple web hosting package either from SiteGround. All these costs you less than 50$.
  • Install WordPress, learn how to create a blog?
  • Install a professional looking WordPress theme, Select a theme like Avada from Themeforest in order to set up the store using Woocommerce.
  • Write at least 10 articles about the market like “How To’s”, “Tips For”, “Ways To”, “A Course” etc. Basically, it should relate the reader to the product.
  • Also, write reviews about the selected products. List down the features, positives, negatives and tell how it solves the buyer problem? Learn how to write product reviews?
  • Embedded the images/links of the products in the top, side, center, and bottom of your site.

Now your store is Up!

Step #4 – Store Promotion (Free Method).

The most critical part of your online store business is promoting and selling the products. You have to drive a huge number of visitors to your online store so that there are more chances for selling products.

Not all visitors will buy the product, only a few those are looking seriously for the solution buy the product. So you have to find such targeted visitors. How to do find such visitors?

  • Post articles related to your market/product on your online store every day or whenever you have to time.
  • Write articles on other related blogs embedding your online store links.
  • Write comments on related blogs leaving your online stores link.
  • Create a Squeeze page (email subscription page using Mailchimp) and ask peoples to signup for free. You could send marketing emails to them periodically recommending your products. Mailchimp is free to start.

All these are free methods which yield you great results. Within 3-6 months, your online store catches a good position in search engines, especially on Google & Yahoo.

Step #5 – Store Promotion (Paid Method).

If you are ready to spend money to drive traffic to your online store simply use, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads. Write quality text ads which gain visitors attention. Learn to raise Ads CTR.

The steps #4, #5 are more complex compared to other steps. Promoting and marketing your store has to continue throughout the life cycle of your online store business.

Finally, you should always take care the below strategy:

  • Sell quality products which solve the visitor problem.
  • Drive visitors who are looking for a solution, show them your product as a solution.
  • Don’t forget to capture the visitor email Ids using Mailchimp signup forms.



  1. Another thing to mention is payment processing, should you use your own merchant services, which would then require a secure server or should you use PayPal to process your money.

    There are a lotmof good solutions for developing an online store, I like some of the open source shopping carts out there, but I have to agree WordPress with a good shopping cart plugin is a great solution, because it indexes so well in the search engines and it is the perfect blogging platform.

  2. Thanks for the post, this is very useful and helpful to me as a business women. Step #5 store promotion which is free method, I was really wondering if where I can find reliable sources about it. Of course quality first before anything else right? Oh, thanks again for some ideas.

    • The basic idea of free promotion is, "Spread your link" as much as possible through out Internet. The more your link spread across other web pages in Internet, you will get more traffic. Its simple logic but it takes time and its long term effort too !

  3. i am student pls replay soon;
    i have one doubt,now i’m creating online trading website.customers are only check the website and give the order,but admin only view the how much products&prizes and provide the custmers. i need answer. me only see the database and and updates are will make by me .
    how to create a website pls reply


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