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8 Steps To Build Customer Confidence For an E-commerce Business?


Note: This page is outdated and I am no longer interested to update it.

For any kind of online business, it is required to build the customer confidence. Its more important for an ecommerce business. You must position yourself as a reputable organization to the visitors in order to improve the overall revenue of your site. Its like, vehicle with less fuel, if you failed to build the customer confidence.

This article helps you to take 8 steps to instantly build up your customers confidence to the highest level to make more trusted sales in any online based business.man-748733_640

Company Logo. Display your companies logo on every page of your website. This creates a loyalty and shows truth of your online business to your valuable visitors.

About Page. Explain a short background about your company and the services offered. You could show a crisp of your past milestones achieved, to prove and build the confidence that you are a leader in the particular subject or product of interest.

Detailed Product Page. Provide maximum information about your products in the description section. Its advisable to show a 360 degree view of your product or show more product photos to the customer. Information must be clear and understandable. This really drives your business making the customers to order the product.

Product Guarantee. Offer guarantees to the products like “10-day money back”, “30-day trials” or genuine guarantees for 1 year or 2 years based on the product quality and services offered in your online business.

FAQ. The must need page for any e-commerce based site. Every visitor will have 1000 questions or doubts in their mind, a FAQ page should address atleast the most frequently asked questions. It should cover the information related to product ordering, shipments or deliver, reclaiming, money transfer or payments etc. In general, better to cover topics like How to, What is, Steps to questions. Also, keep the first time visitors in mind.

Customer feedbacks. Feedbacks are the valuable inputs to your online business towards improvements. Offering a customer feedback page helps to identify what the customers are thinking about your site, and the business. Its necessary to react for the right feedback, to build better customer confidence and satisfaction too.  Provide options to get feedback at product level from the users, best example is the Online Rating Option. You may also display the highly rated products in the most important pages of your site, to increase the product visibility across the site.

Implement contact system. List down your toll free number if you have or implement an e-mail based support system. Try to make your customer support available for 24/7.

Terms and conditions. The most important part for any business either its a real world or Internet based. Your customers must have knowledge of the TOC framed for your business, atleast the key points they should know. Don’t hide any points from the user. Avoid using flurrying words, make everything open minded. The one you hide today will hit you back with hundreds of legal issues tomorrow. You must get the acceptance from your user before doing any kind of confirmation like asking for “I agree to the terms and conditions.”

Apart from this, the backbone of  any ecommerce website is the professional look and feel and easiness in navigation. Some of these points are also applicable for an affiliate product sale. The article on tips to improve your website shall help to build a professional business site. Find out the top 25 e-commerce sites, check their business quality and find out how they are building their customer confidence.

Its not an easy task, the confidence building takes time and shall be achieved only through better quality of service. Allow your ecommerce site to evolve over time in order to convert the visitors into customers. Its true that, Customers are the cardinal in making online business into success.


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