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How to Make Profit from Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is one of the best method for money making from Internet. As a beginner, you may be struggling the way to earn commissions from your affiliate network. Whatever you do, seems perfect but you could not may good results out of it. You read more and gaining more knowledge and trying to apply, even then it fails. What could be the reason ? Why this happens ?

There are many reasons for affiliate marketing failure. Not only you but many of the beginners are in this situation. Now how to overcome such situations and see profits in your affiliate business?

Lets see those important steps which actually makes you clear on, how to make profit.

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Select Demanding Market.

Market research plays a major role especially if you are trying to pick a product for the first time. Its not a blind game. You have to do simple research about the market first. There are many handy keyword tools which helps you to pick the right market which has demand. When i say, “demand” there comes “supply”.

Most of the highly demanding market will have greater supply and hence increased competition.

According to me,

  • if you choose highly demanding market, be ready to face the competition – there may be several others doing the same.
  • Focus towards a moderately demanding market or even less demand market – you can easily showcase yourself.
  • Its a wiser affiliate strategy to select a demanding markets to have greater end results.

Choose Quality Affiliate Product.

Once the market is decided, you have to pick the best products. Many times, we don’t really think about the product taken for sale. To make it simple, ask these questions before picking an affiliate product:

  • Do the product adds value to the buyer ?
  • Do the product solves the buyer problem ?
  • Do the product gives the best solution ?
  • Do the product offers support/ customer care ?

Ask these questions, once you see a new product. The best approach is select 2-3 products and see which one has outstanding features and promote that first. Don’t overload your strategy by selecting huge number of products and getting head aches. More important, see the sales page of the affiliate product.

  • Do the sale/landing page looks professional ?
  • More important, have you tried or used the product before?

Learn the tips for affiliate selection in detail.

Utilize Free Methods To Make Profit.

For beginners, i would not recommend you to start marketing with paid traffic methods (like Adwords) because you cannot promote your affiliate links directly using them.

Instead, you can drive the traffic to a landing page and capture email ids using Mailchimp or Converkit – later, send series of emails, build relation & promote affiliate products to sell.

So start with free marketing methods first. Later move to Advertising networks.

  • Keep in mind that every sale you make through free promotion yields you 100% profits !

You can start a blog – its is one of best methods to sell affiliate products for free of cost. What you have to do ?

  • Write detailed, useful articles about the affiliate product – review them honestly.
  • Use “buy”, “order” and related keywords in the articles title. (learn how to select keywords and get targeted traffic ?)
  • Publish articles regularly – yes, it takes time.
  • Publish YouTube videos related to the product
  • Traffic slowly floods and you get sales !

Find out more free ways to sell products.

Beware of Paid Traffic.

As mentioned earlier, advertising networks are dangerous. You may loose your money, if you don’t target the right keywords. And its tough to play with keyword bidding especially for beginners. So don’t start your affiliate business with paid traffic first.

Instead, utilize the free methods to sell the product as much as possible and later move to paid traffic in future. At least after earning few money, you could invest that on paid traffic to drive more quick traffic.

Don’t forget to use Mailchimp or Convertkit.

Repeat To Maximize Profits.

For affiliate marketing, experimentation is more important in finding the best way to sell products. For example, if blogging works well for you then you don’t need to spend money for paid traffic.

  • The idea is, once you are comfortable with an approach, repeat it again for another product.
  • This way, over a period of time, you will be having the best selling products in your hand.
  • Its called Repeat business.


The conclusion, find the best market/product and promote with different methods. Don’t forget to utilize free methods to sell your affiliate product because you will be making 100% profit for every sale.

As a beginner, you should measure the results every time, tweak your selling strategy and finally, improve the process which continuously makes profit for you in long term !



  1. Hello
    What a lovely blog. I would like to ask Admin if I could make a brief appeal to your followers for advice about how best to get my new on-line business promoted to it’s best capability on the internet, despite months of slogging my brains out, I seem to be getting nowhere fast! I’ve been to every forum you can image, each one offering cast-iron advice as to ‘where’ and ‘how’ best to get the best business advertising on-line, 99% of which have been rubbish!

    If you’re reading this and can offer me some practical advice as to where I can get the best exposure for my new venture, please drop me a line, I would be grateful for your help. Best Regards to Admin and loyal Readers.

    • hi melena haq,

      thanks for your comment. Always keep the following when you work towards building your site.
      – The maximum you spread links about your site over Internet brings in more exposure as well as traffic. Its more important, you should spread your URL on sites with related content or contextually linked to your business.
      – If you are ready to invest revenue for advertising then go for premium methods like Adwords or YSM.
      – Don’t stick yourself to cheap seo services which offers quick backlinks to your site, which actually moves down your site on SERP.
      – Keep the good work always towards fulfilling the visitors need, that’s well enough to market your new venture effectively.


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