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Starting an Online Business From Scratch In a Day


First of all, is it possible to start an online business in a day ? Everything in the world needs a start up and your mind has to decide it. It so happens that one day, suddenly, you could implement your idea or a thought, you have in your mind. Even in my case, I started this web site on a day with plenty of ideas in my mind. Every minute counts, your start is purely in your hands (even the next minute it may happen).

As a beginner, you should be clear with your steps first. Because if you are not clear about what you are going to do, you will fail. This article is for those beginners who are looking to start their own online business that too in a day.

Let me ask that question again, is it possible to start an online business in a day ?

The answer goes in many direction,

  • How much time could you spend for your online business every day ?
  • Do you know, what an online business is & where to start ?
  • And what is your major goal to start an online business ?

Keep the answers with you and let me explain how to start in a day !


One of the most simplest to start online business is that “Affiliate Business”. It involves selling products in Internet and earning the commission.

  • Join the Affiliate Network and few of the best paying networks are Clickbank, CJ, Amazon, Google Affiliates (it takes 5 minutes to get a registered account in clickbank).
  • Select an affiliate product which has demand in the market. First, use your own common sense and see generally, what people will buy from Internet ? Pick such products and get your affiliate links (it takes 10 minutes to select a product which has good Clickbank gravity).
  • Now you have to sell the product. Go to Google Adwords, create an advertisement & put your Affiliate link. An article on making money as affiliate may help you with useful videos. (it takes 30 minutes to get your Advertisement up & within 24 hours, you will get great number of visitors to buy the product).
  • Sit back, make money & get the cheque to your home. 🙂
  • Totally, it took 45 to 60 minutes to start an online business. And you could start seeing the results in a day.
  • You have to check & tweak your advertisements everyday by spending less than 15-30 minutes.
  • Repeat these same steps for another product and measure the results.

Though it looks simpler to start but in reality, you have to follow many stuffs. You should understand how do affiliate business fails ? because it may help you to become alert in avoiding the most common mistakes. There are few secrets that you should learn and apply, it have made a story on Secrets of making money online which may take you through better ideas. The key points for affiliate online business in a day are:

  • Select a product which really solves the problem of the buyer.
  • See, how the product and sales page looks professional. Because the buyer gains TRUST, only when the web page looks professional.
  • Sell seasonal products, it really a great idea to boost your income. During Christmas or new year times, you could sell gift items which will be more demand in Internet.

Online business is always filled with fun, excitement and thrill. You could easily start an online business with in a day but it all depends on how well you are organizing and making each steps in the right direction.

Finally, starting an affiliate based online business is simpler in a day, only if you understand the right steps !

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