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Now you have good website design, branded and you are producing useful content in your site. So you are seeing a steady growth in number of visitors per day. Now its time to think, how do you make money from this online business site ? Before that, you should understand that you are not going to become richer soon in a day or two. More important, you should not have bigger expectations at this stage. Your must understand that the number of visitors coming to your site is directly proportional to the amount of income it earns.

What i recommend you ? first, learn how to make money from your site ? Understand it. So that you will get the big picture of this process. Especially, in the earlier stage of your business you should work only for growth (which is indirectly towards earning money) !

There are many ways to setup your site for earning but i would recommend here most common yet best strategies ! Keep in mind that experimentation plays a major role here. You could try all these either individually or in combination’s, the results may vary based on the traffic, topic and the market.

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Counting Online Income !
Counting Online Income !

Pay Per Click Ads.

One of the popular Ad network is Google Adsense. Its highly successful because of its contextual nature of Advertising. That means, ads that appear on your site are closely related to the topic. Which triggers the readers to click on the Ads. You will be paid for every click you receive based on the bid fixed by advertisers (minimum of $0.05). Generally, visitors coming from search engines are turn to click on these ads.

Cost Per Action.

As the name says, you will be paid for the action taken by the visitor. That means, visitor has to click the Ad and take the offer provided the advertiser. Offers are anything like buying a product, subscribing to their newsletters, downloads etc. For every such action, you will be paid a commission.

More important promoting related offers (for example, a site about Gadgets shall promote brand new Gadgets for sale).

Lending Private Ads.

Apart from PPC, CPA based advertising you could lend Ads on your site. Either text ads or banner ads, you could pre-allot space and make that available for sale. For example, you could lend an ad space for $50 per month.

Also, you could directly open sales on your site and request the advertisers to pay the charge for getting Ad space. Many successful entrepreneurs are selling ad space and making huge income.

InText Advertising.

These are advertisements that appears on the content of your site by underlining keywords. When the visitor plays the mouse cursor over, it pop ups Ads and for each click you will be paid. Similar to PPC Ads but inside the content.

As i mentioned earlier, there are many ways to setup your site for income but enforcing the right strategy is important. Moreover, i am sure that at this stage your site gets less number of visitors only. And you have to concentrate on building traffic which is the most toughest part. More traffic makes more money !

Lets go to next Step: Long Term Methods To Get More Traffic

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