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Every successful business starts with an Idea. Your today’s silly idea may become a winning idea tomorrow. So don’t avoid any of your ideas, just pay attention. You are in a possible to Start up your own online business and this is the first step.

Business Idea

Select A Business Idea.

Finding out a business idea is very simple as far starting your own web site. These are the simple ways:

  • First, take a pen & paper.
  • List down your own Interested topics in the paper. Either slightly interested or highly interested topics. You could list any topic from too general to highly technical.
  • Filter the final topics which you have in depth knowledge. Stricken the remaining topics.
  • If you end up with 3-4 interested final topics is also okay.

Do Simple Market Research.

As you are going to launch business in Internet, you have to do a simple research about the market. I mean, you have to find out the demand for the topics that you have listed above. How to do such market research ?

  • Turn the paper to back side.
  • Now list down keywords under each final topics like xxxx tips, xxxx guide, xxxx help, How to xxxx ? etc.
  • Go to Google Keywords Tool which tells the demand in market for the given keywords (in actual, it gives the search statistics).
  • Note down the figures for each keywords.
  • Now go to Google.com and search these keywords one by one. See if there are many established web sites. If there are more avoid that keyword (this means more competition), if you see less number of established web sites (especially on the top 10) then finalize that keyword.
  • Search statistics in range of 20K-50K is good to choose (it has moderate demand).

By repeating these steps, you could finalize an idea which has good demand in the market as well less competition. Now you should have 1 topic and the list of keywords under that topic ready.

Lets go to next step: Hosting Your Own Web site

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