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How To Keep Good Social Media Relation ?


Social media tools are getting more powerful especially for entrepreneurs like us. You should know how to keep a good social media relation with others that may help your business growth online. As a human being, it is required to maintain your personality well and good before the social media audience’s. This article tells you some basic factors that may help you to build a good social media relation with others.

Showing Involvement and Participation.

First of all, you must show involvement and participate in using the social media tools. Your interaction should not happen at the keyboard or typing level, it should happen from your skills. Because social media tools, if used for business its a great marketing tool. Involvement drives you to produce more valuable content and hence you will become an expert in your network. So involve, involve more, involve even more…

Preach More Information.

Think like you are a preacher in your network and keep that thought going. I mean you should spread the right and valuable words to your followers. Don’t limit your relation as far as you know your network boundry. Your preaching should happen to the right peoples and to those who are tightly coupled or nearly coupled to your business. At the same time, don’t be rude, it hurts everyone quickly.

Listen To Others Voice.

Not only behave like a preacher, you should be a good listener. A good listener is the one who gains more knowledge and respect. So listen to others and understand what they are trying to tell. Don’t dominate others directly, sure you will be downgraded from your network. At the same time, don’t keep you silent. You have to spread your words at the right time after listening. Simply saying, listen and react nicely.

Behave Professional.

How do you behave professional in using social media tools ? There are two key terms, one is WORDS and the second is CONTEXT. Combining these two WORDS + CONTEXT may frame you as a professional. What words ? & Where (the context) ? decides your nature of communication. How you communicate decides your professionalism. Always behave professional & be professional, you will be appraised by others.

Being Solution Provider.

Addressing a problem and providing a solution keeps your social media network in good shape. That shows the level of your expertness in a business domain. Your voice goes high only when you are making solutions. Always spend your time to show that you are an expert in your network, definitely you will get great results sooner. Otherwise, try to ask more questions 🙂

Keep Your Network Under Scope.

You must define the scope of your social media usage. Answer this first, “for what purpose I am using social media tools ?” Answering this question may help you to define your scope. Because its not like you could expand your network hardly, you have to build a targeted network (adding targeted or related members to your network). If you have not understood your social media scope, define it first !

Though there are numerous things you should consider in keeping a good social media relation, if you follow these 6 points for sure your business grows towards success around a strongly built social network.


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