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How Do A Single Article Makes Money With Huge Traffic ?


Its quite tricky sense that you are working hard for your web site growth. And do that happens, what do you expect ? I mean, most of the time our expectations are not happening. Because when it comes to online business with your web site, there are many factors which decides the success. Its not so simple many times but there are unprectiable situations too.

How ?

A simple step may yield you great results. And a single article makes you great money by driving huge traffic. Is that happened to you ? Go to your Analytics and see the traffic statistics. You will get many more new surprises.

In my case…

I wrote an article about Banner Ads & steps to start ecommerce business long back and that rocks every day. It gets the most number of hits especially from Google. I did a bit of keyword research using Keyword Tool and thats the great result. See the below statistics, these articles had received 800+ number of visitors so far.

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Article Traffic Info
Statistics captured from Google Analytics

Its not a huge figure (i know) but when compared to the other articles in my blog, these articles gained that level of success. That’s the fact that a “Single Article Wins“.

An example from About.com

About.com is the one of the well known web site, it has 100’s of blogs covering almost all the hot topics. You all know that i am a great fan of about.com few to mention are online business blog, entrepreneur blog. It has bunch of useful information and helps the readers (in solving their problem). One of the article published by about.com to mention here is Make Money Online (Without Spending a Dime). The reason that i took that article as an example is that, it stands first position (on many geographical locations) for the keyword “Make Money Online” in Google and Yahoo. That’s quite interesting. In actual, the author Scott Allen solves the problem, “Is anyone making money online besides Internet marketing experts?”. Its a common question that beginners have in their mind. Is it possible to make money from Internet ? This article is short and clear (not a huge article) with less than 700 words.

But it conveys the right information to the reader and clearly answers their question, it shows the “way to make money online”.

From SEO point of view.

I analyzed the article with Texalyser which is tool breaks down the content into frequency, density, readability, complexity factor and much more. I found like the words Money has 1.5% density, the word make has 1% density and many of the related words has 0.2% density.

Each of the paragraph links to the relevant web sites corresponding to the topic. For example, when the paragraph speaks about blogs, its linked to blogger.com & problogger.net.

In the bottom, there are more than 10+ links pointing to the related articles which definitely adds value to the reader.

Final Thoughts…

I would say, this is a perfect article published by Scott Allen. And it stands in the first position for the keyword “make money online” which has 1,00,000+ searchers every month. This the profit article and god knows that how much money its making every day. I could see two sections of “sponsered ads” and one section of “business ads” in that article. They all rocks !

This is an example of perfect online income ! Keep in mind that success comes in many ways with your web site provided you have the content which helps the reader and more important, it should have the “profitable keywords” in it.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


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