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5 Simple Methods To Improve Adwords CTR


Google Adwords the most famous and easy to manage PPC system. It involves setting up your advertisement campaigns and promoting your link (indirectly your business or product). The term CTR (Click_Through_Rate) is the mind cracking one that every advertiser wants to improve. The higher the CTR better the promotion and (in actual) higher targeted CTR more better the promotion ! This article tells you the simple methods to improve your adwords CTR and to increase the exposure of your ad link. Lets go from the top to bottom (from Ad title to Ad URL).

Use Right Keywords In Ad Title.

Your Ad title should directly speak your product. Also, it should match your campaign’s major keyword (exactly if possible) so that triggers the visitor to click on your Ad (because keywords are highlighted).


See the below example, for the keyword “buy dvds online” the ad shows the keyword in the title.

Keywords in Title

Use A Marketing Term In Ad Title.

Simple add a marketing term into your title along with the keyword. What is a marketing term ? It is the one that adds value to your keyword. Some of the common terms are “cheap”, “ultimate”, “best”, “quick”, “easy” etc..


The following Ad has used the word “cheap” before a keyword. This way your ad gets correlate to the visitors mindset and drives him to click on the Ad.

Marketing term in title

Explain About Product or Business In Ad Description.

Your Ad should explain the product in the description. It should tell the whole purpose of the product and also the product’s major feature. This helps the visitor to understand your product quickly before jumping into your sale page. Mentioning the “specialty” of the product in the description is more important. See the below Ad, you will know what i am saying about.


The following Ad has mentioned the product with a description that tells what the product is about (“external hdd” & its specialty (Top 10 in PC World). This is the Effective marketing approach.

Explain product in description

Mention The Price In Description.

Is it a good idea to mention the price in description ? Of course, yes. You can mention the price in the description, this avoids price shocking later. Your visitor will know the product price before coming to the sales page. He may not get a hit later on seeing the price (he may feel costly or more than his budget). This way you could avoid people who are having a budget limitation from clicking your Ad (you are saving CPC).


The below example had mentioned the price range in the description. Instead of just mentioning a single price, it is good to mention a price range. That’s more intelligent method of using description with price’s.

Price in description

Simple URL Is Best.

Nothing more to say about URL’s. As per adwords policy, you should use the exact landing pages domain name. So you should mention the exact domain name here. One thing to note is using with “www” and without “www”. How to use “www” ? Better see how others (your competitive bidders) are using, you could use in the reverse way ! That makes a difference and catches visitors eye quickly. Also, it is good to have keywords in the URL or a well known brand name.

So go and tweak your Adwords Ad from top to bottom with these 5 simple methods, your CTR improves & improves more….


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