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2 Questions To Set up A Beginner Strategy for Online Business


Every month, every day new people are jumping in to start their own online business. Especially, the recent recession had triggered many to set up an online income especially from blogging, affiliate marketing or freelancing. But the question is, do every one makes money and every runs a successful online business ? Many people answers: No.

My Online Business Course.

There are many reasons for beginners to fail with their online business. Major reason could be not planning properly and not understanding where to start ? how to start ? and how to execute ? their online business. Basically, lack of knowledge about online business.

There are many resources in Internet which definitely guides you through the process. But not many people will tell you the entire truth or steps.

  • Recently, i have launched a free course for beginners on Start Up Online Business which spoon feeds you the steps to start your own online business. I would strongly recommend you to read this short course, if you are about to start. I have shared my experiences and understandings.

Questions For Beginners.

I will ask you 2 questions which helps you to understand “what do your lack ?”. And makes you clear in understanding what is really required to run an online business. Finally, i will guide to define a beginner strategy too. Okay, lets see those questions.

How Much Time You Could Spend For Online Business ?

Looks like a dump question ? The idea, find out how much time you could spend every day for online business and decide a strategy based on availability of time. Because, many people work interestingly during the start up stage and later they quite the business. They will tell, “I don’t have time”. I would say, they are lazy peoples who wants to make lazy money. Also, every one’s life style varies and you may be working in a day job. And you don’t find free time to work for an online business.

  • To reveal, to run an online business you need to spend at least 1-2 hours per day. Its completely comfortable for day job workers too.

For example, i am a full time working professional and running this blog business part-time. I work for 1 to 2 hours per day. I am able to manage the time between the day job and my online business.

  • Schedule and fix a working time for online business. Be serious and consider your online business as a real world business.

Do You Have Knowledge To Operate Online Business ?

You have time now, next comes the “knowledge” to operate your online business. To frankly speak, you don’t need any geek technical knowledge to run a business. Instead, its well enough to have basic computer skills + how to start and proceed with online business ?

When I started, i don’t have any knowledge about online business. Today i am advising peoples on this topic. See how time had changed. Its all about, how you are showing interest in learning. So keep your mind open, learn new stuffs and apply it. What i am telling is, first understand about online business and proceed. Don’t blindly do a work, you may fail.

For example, i started a blogger blog long back (theamazingstuffs) without any knowledge, it fails after putting 6 months of hard work. But i learned many times about blogging. I never give up to learn new things. I applied, whatever i learnt and now running a successful blog.

To summarize:

  • Many people fails without proper planning and understanding about online business.
  • A beginners course on Start Up Online Business is worth to read.
  • First, find out what do you lack ?
  • Do you have enough time to work for online business ?
  • Spending at least 1-2 hours per day is enough to run an online business.
  • Schedule and fix working time.
  • Be serious about your online business, think like real world business.
  • Learn to have basic computer skills.
  • Start an online business only after understanding the clear steps.
  • Keep your learning curve up.
  • Never give up.

What i have summarized are general facts which applies for any kind of online business. If you invest Time with proper Knowledge, success seats near you 🙂 Browse through this blog which has much more useful stuffs !



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