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How To Set Your Business Goals ? Increase Conversion – Part II


Now we are in another side of how to set your business goals ? Increasing conversion is our major goal next of increasing traffic that we discussed earlier. So you have good amount of traffic flowing to your website but no sales ! no ad revenue ! no signup’s ! The reason for “not converting” could be many but the most important factor is the quality of  “sales page” or that “money making page“.

Simply, if you don’t want to read about conversion anymore keep this mind, your revenue depends on targeted traffic & quality sale page. 50% weight-age goes to traffic & 50% weight-age goes to sale page.

We discussed enough about on goals to increase site traffic in the previous post. This article diggs through the major factors that you should consider in setting your business goals towards “Increasing Conversion”.

Divide & Achieve Method.

Its basically a milestone based goal setting method, you have to divide your end goal into multiple units and achieve that goal by parts. Sounds interesting, right ?

For example, if your site sells 80 products per day, set your goal to raise by 12% at the maximum to achieve ~90 sales per day. Fix the target day to achieve that goal. Achieving 12% more sale could be the short term goal and achieving 25% more sale could be your long term goal.

Overall, your sale goal is 25% but it is divided into two parts to make the growth transition simpler. By this “divide & achieve method”, you get the chance to revise your Marketing Approach at the half based on the results. Not only for product sale, this method can be applied to set goals for other kind of conversions like increasing your Ad revenue (CTR) or bring your visitor to click signup !

Simply saying, define your goal “x” & divide it to x/4 or x/2 etc as you wish. After setting goals on that “x” figure, you should focus towards sales page.

Goals Towards Optimizing Sales Page.

As I told before, 50% of your online business profit stands on the sales page. so you should focus towards creating quality sales page (read this article, you will find very useful information on creating good sales page). So lets discuss some of the goals on optimizing your sales page. Also, you should understand that “Experimentation” is must in optimizing your sales page. And more important, your goals should be towards the following,

  • How many are clicking on the “order now” button ?
  • How many are clicking on which “order now” button ? (in the top or middle or bottom or sides…)
  • Experimenting with different type of sale page content.
  • With different combination of Textual, image & video content.
  • With or without testimonials & different Sales Page Themes.
  • Add/Remove/Change your page content specific to your product etc…
  • For Ad Revenue, Which Ad format performs well ? Which Ad position performs well ?

Your sales page goals are mainly “Experimentation” ! So do more experiments with different approach and work towards achieving your “x” figure of conversion. Finally, to increase conversion and profit’s from your business, you should have a simple & quality sales page driving targeted traffic !


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