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4 Parameters For Selling Private Ads At Higher Rate


Having a blog ? Looking to sell private Ads at higher rate ? Then you are going to understand the major parameters that you need for selling Ad space. All these parameters are must need to sell ads at higher rate/good money. Its not like, you started a blog yesterday and selling the Ad space the next day/week/month.

Its the question of how well your blog had grown ? I mean, how much visitors are coming to your blog every day ? If you don’t have a high traffic blog then drop this idea of making money from private ads. Lets see these parameters and also, how to simply increase the value of them ?

Alexa Ranking.

Alexa is one of the popular net watch engine which actually ranks all the web sites. It ranks based on the numerous parameters like number of visitors, number of page views, Time on site, Number of sites Linking In and much more factors. So if you web site has good alexa rank, it directly resembles that all these parameters are rated good.

Go and check your alexa rank here. It actually shows data only for sites which has rank less than 1,00,000. As far as i have seen, web sites with less than 50K are quite demanding to sell Ad space (for ~30$ per Ad). If you have less than 10K then you could sell for more price (~200$ per Ad).

But it all depends on your blog topic/market and based on its demand. Though, alexa measures all the parameters based on the users who have installed alexa toolbar, the data will be less accurate.

Increase Alexa Rank.

  • You could could add Alexa Traffic Widget (see the bottom of my site) which collects all these parameters and helps to boost alexa ranking quickly.

Number of Twitter Followers.

Twitter is one of the major part of business growth. It drives good amount of traffic based on your followers. If you are about to sell ad sale, then Number of Twitter Followers is one of the parameter to consider. Yes, if you have more number of followers then the impression is that, your site gets more visitors from twitter. But that may not be right because it all depends on the nature of your followers, how active they are using twitter ? and how far they are related to your market ? But ad selling sites are taking Twitter Followers as one such parameter. If you have 1000+ followers then its a good sign.

Increase Twitter Followers.

  • Go to Twitter Search and search for keywords related to your blog. Follow as many people you could follow every day (spend 10-15 minutes), in return many people will follow you back.
  • Here is my proof which shows, How i increased twitter followers ? from 200 to 600+

Number of RSS Subscribers.

The expectation is that, more number of RSS subscribers means more number of regular visitors. Its really hard to increase the number of RSS subscribers and even i am struggling to increase. But now a days, i don’t bother much about RSS and i am planning to remove it from my blog soon.

At least email subscribers are enough that they will come to your blog when they are checking their mails. The number of RSS subscribers is one of the parameter which decides the rate of your Ads.

Increase RSS Subscribers.

  • Ask every one, coming to your blog for subscribing to your RSS by putting a popup (i don’t like popup’s), big RSS icon, ask at above/below blog posts.

Google PageRank.

Google PageRank is one of the parameter considered here. But there are statements like, PageRank is out of date. And Google doesn’t gives more weight to pagerank. But many people have the believe in Google PageRank. Having PageRank of 2+ is a good sign to start with. Otherwise, you could only give a try.

Increase PageRank.

  • Build quality links pointing back to your blog using Article Marketing, Guest Posts, Commenting on Other Blogs, Forum Posting etc.
  • You have to dedicate time for doing all these stuffs (generally, i spend very less time on these activities thats y my PR is still 1). Recently, i have started doing Guest Posts which gives high quality back links, lets see how it goes !

Page Impressions.

The most important parameter which tells how many impressions the Advertiser will get on your blog. That means, it tells the chances for visitors to see their Ad, when the advertiser buys Ad space from you. The more page impression means you will sell Ads at higher Rate. You should work to keep the visitors long time in your blog and make them to roam around viewing multiple pages.

Even if you have a high traffic blog and every one moves out immediately from your blog then you will not get good impressions.

Increase Impressions.

  • To increase page impression, you have to increase the number of page views on your blog. Link more pages (Add related posts, popular posts etc.) on your blog so that your visitors could view more pages.

Finally, if you are about to sell space then first list down all these parameters for your blog. Then see, how much other related blogs are selling with similar parameters and decide. I would recommend, if you are beginner then work to increase the value of all these parameters then go for selling ad space. otherwise, you will be hurt !

Check this Sample on Private Ad Rates and the parameters which gives you more practical truths !
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  1. So how does one go about determining how much to charge based on the number of pageviews of a site? One of my pet related sites currently gets around 225k pageview per month but I have no idea what to charge.

    • 225K page view is great statistics, the "best way" is browse through the sample link that i referred in the end of post and see how people with similar statistics are charging !


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