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How To Select A Domain Name For eCommerce Business ?


Selecting the best domain name is the most important activity in starting an ecommerce based business. Because domain name gives the identity to your business and your products. Paying attention & doing considerable amount of research yields you with a profitable domain name for your ecommerce business. This article helps you to simply select a domain name which yields profits from your ecommerce business. Lets see the domain name strategies, to think & to apply.

Branded Domain Name.

A brand gives the identify and visualization for your ecommerce business. Keeping your domain name as a brand name will brings more authority to your business. The power of most successful ecommerce sites like Amazon, ebay are only through effective branding and quality service. The words Amazon, ebay are no way related to a product but you know how popular these names are today. That’s the value of branded domain names.

Another example, could be yahoo, google etc. which are rhyming names which created business waves in the Internet world. So one idea is, just find out such rhyming, humorous or the word that you most like as your domain name.

Having a professional brand name will increase the TRUST between the visitor and your ecommerce website which is the underlying principle of making more product sales. Read this simple article by nytimes about the importance of branding your business which has few more good examples to know. But keep in mind that successful branding takes more time to reach the world. It requires quality service from your business and your products so that you could build your customer network strongly. Also, learn the steps to brand your site in minutes with these 3 simple methods.

Also, for small business owners, it is quite difficult to build a brand name then you could go for keyword based domain names.

Keyword Based Domain Name.

If you are targeting for a small scale ecommerce business then better go for keyword based domain names. The major advantage is that you could drive bunch of search engine traffic. In general, search engines are giving more weightiness to the domain names with exact keyword match.

For example, if you are starting DVD sale as an ecommerce business then say, you are naming your domain as buydvdsonline.com then it will be quite easy to rank well for the keyword “buy dvds online”. The keyword has huge amount of search volume, if you check that in Google Keywords Tool.

When I searched Google for the keyword “buy dvds online”, i found a site with domain name as dvdsonlinebuy.com which is almost an exact keyword match. This site has only 5 pages & having good pagerank & standing on the first page for this high traffic keyword. This is called as Gold Mine in Internet Marketing.

This article on how to perform keyword research & competition research will help you in selecting a demanding domain name. So with less work, your will site will get decent search engine traffic as you have keyword based domain name. Try to keep your domain name as short as possible when you are choosing keywords as domain name. Otherwise, it looks odd to the visitor’s and they won’t TRUST your ecommerce site.


Finally, both branded domain name as well as keyword domain name has its own advantages for your ecommerce business. As I mentioned earlier, if you are looking to start a large scale business then go for branded name & if you are going for small ecommerce business then better go for keyword based domain name. As an extended idea, you could mix brand name & keyword as a domain name which makes more sense. It builds the brand value for your business as well as ranks good in search engines too.

Moreover, keep in mind that a branded domain name has more chance to become popular and for sure that wins over a keyword based domain name. Foremost, you should understand that your ecommerce business will be successful only through quality service and delivering quality products irrespective of the domain name !


  1. A tool is always good to measure the quality of domain name but not sure how they are measuring the quality (i mean the ranking factors).

    When i tried with yahoo.com, it says "yahoo.com scored better than 90% of 37444 websites in the Domometer database." and for my domain name it says, "emoneymakingonline.com scored better than 0% of 37456 websites in the Domometer database."

    I think this tool is still not matured !

    brad, thanks for sharing this info.

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