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Secrets of Making Money Online From Affiliates


Affiliate marketing is one of the most recommended method of making money from Internet. The major advantage of affiliate marketing is that you could do that business at any level. That means, either you could do that as a Million dollar business or even as Hundred dollar business. That’s one of the great flexibility apart from its easy to operate. There are many successful entrepreneurs who are making big income from affiliate marketing. It has no limits but it requires considerable amount of money as investment based on how you operate. You could run your affiliate business even without doing any investment of money. It depends on the operation strategy.

Beginners Mistakes…

There are no hidden secrets in affiliate marketing. You don’t even need to buy an ebook. There are tonnes of articles to read about affiliate marketing in Internet. At the same time, understanding the basics of successful affiliate marketing is required first. Its not like, you could invest 10000$ in a day and take back 50000$ the next day. Its totally different.

Many of the beginners don’t have that basic understanding of affiliate marketing. I have written many articles about affiliate marketing and from my experience i have seen few factors that are really required for operating a successful affiliate business. I have seen beginners who are not ready to invest money for affiliate marketing. Because when you say online business, many are not having a hope or they don’t even believe how you earn from Internet ? Beginners should understand that online business is same like real world business. And its quite comfortable to operate too. Even individuals sitting from home could also run an online business. That’s too applicable for affiliate marketing business. You don’t need 10 members team to sit and work. So we must understand first, what is required for affiliate marketing business ?

Money & Knowledge (Time – not much). First money, affiliate business involves driving traffic to your sales page. And the knowledge to promote the affiliate product. In general, there are two methods to drive the required traffic for selling affiliate products.

SEO/Free Traffic Marketing.

When it comes to SEO/free traffic, it really requires hard work. And its a long term process too which needs investment of Time. You have to sit and work for producing content to drive traffic. Some of the most common methods are Article Marketing and Referral Marketing. You have to write articles related to your affiliate product and using that drive traffic from search engines. You could submit the articles to article directories or in your blog itself. I would recommend to use Hubpages.com or Squidoo.com which are more search engine friendly. Instead of dumping your articles to many article submission sites like ezinearticles.com, articlebase.com, goarticles.com etc.

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Its Free !
Its Free !

Its good to use hubpages/squidoo. The reason is, hubpages/squidoo ranks good in search engines and they are well established article sites. Your articles will get linked from other hubs/lens easily and most important you could write GREAT articles. You could embed everything videos, images and fancy titles easily. Its like a wizard. Moreover, apart from embedding your affiliate links you will get revenue shared from selling amazon products, Google Adsense, Kontera Ads etc. if you want to make few extra income.

Apart from article marketing, you could spread out the affiliate links through out the Internet through Forums or using Social media tools like twitter or facebook. But i would always recommend article marketing as the best method to sell affiliate products free of cost. The every sale you make gives you 100% profit and the investment is “Time for writing articles“. Doing a Guest post on a blog which is closely related to your product and putting your affiliate link in that guest post may easily increase your sale too.

Important factors that you should consider in article marketing are as follows,

  • Select the Keywords which are more related to your affiliate product and use it in the article title.
  • You could even title the article as “Buy Best XXXXX Product” or have titles at product research level like “Tips for…” “How to…” etc.
  • Don’t force the reader to buy the product instead wisely tell him the advantages of the product and take him to buy.
  • Always tell the problem first and show how the product solves that problem. Its the best selling strategy.
  • Write articles by listing down the features of the product instead of writing a big story.
  • Short articles converts good than really bigger articles, its my inference.
  • Keep the article simple and avoid out going links. You could completely avoid referring other articles or URLs instead just put only the affiliate link. This keeps the reader under your control to click your affiliate link only. It increases the chances of buying the product too.
  • Don’t tell lies and cheat the reader, you will fail soon.
  • Learn how to write Money making content ?
  • Also learn What kind of Content makes money ?

These are the few secrets of article marketing which readily sells your affiliate product online without any investment of Money. The income depends on the volume of TARGETED traffic your article gets and based on the number of articles that you write. Its a slow & long term process. Find out more Article marketing tips here.

Paid Traffic Marketing.

Now comes the paid traffic marketing using Google Adwords & Yahoo Search Marketing. PPC Ads are like running water, that means more chances for loosing your money like water. When you are using PPC Ads, you should be more serious and think your affiliate business as real world business. Because, it involves money not like free SEO. The game of Profit & loss comes here. Its highly driven by the market demand. Its quick process, you could see the results instantly.

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Its Paid !
Its Paid !

Select a high demand product may lead to face high competition. Every one will be selling that product and you will become 1000+1th person to sell the same product. On the other side, if you select a low demand product, no one will come to buy the product. So I would always recommend to select a moderately demanding product. But whatever you do, you have to drive targeted traffic. And you should fuel your Ad campaigns with enough money. The most common mistake is not allocating enough budget to run Ads. There are many more reason How affiliate marketing fails ? Knowing those failure reasons may help you to tweak your strategies.

Also, it really doesn’t matter what kind of affiliate network you join ? either Clickbank, CJ, AzoogleAds, Neverblue etc. but quality product & promotion method matters. I have a great List of money making programs, refer it and select an affiliate network of your choice. Lets see few of the most important factors that you should take care in driving traffic using Google Adwords or YSM.

  • Select keywords to get targeted traffic. Keywords decides 90% of the affiliate sale. Have only laser focused keywords in your campaign that converts good.
  • Select a quality product which solves a problem in the market. See this Tips for affiliate selection.
  • Don’t select an affiliate product which looks dumb or never adds value to the buyer.
  • Allocate at least 50% of your income goal as Ad budget, x/2 where x is the Aimed Income.
  • Landing pages are less control in affiliate promotion but you could ensure that the select product has perfect sales page.
  • Or Create you own landing page and embedded your affiliate links. Check out this article on Creating affiliate sales page.
  • Continue Experimentation’s by tweaking the keywords, CPC, landing page content because there are no open standards for conversion. It varies for products & visitors too. Also, learn How To raise CTR ?
  • Try more than one product.
  • Create multiple Ads with different varieties of Ad Text (don’t forget to use call-to-action texts in your ads). Use words like “now”, “here”, “buy”, “order”, “offer”, “limited”, “try” etc. If you use banner Ads, learn How to make Quality banner Ads ?
  • I recommend not to use Content Network. Allow only Search Network to show your Ads because mostly content network drives Surfers traffic where as search network drives the Buyers traffic.

To mention, in the beginning stage you may not be comfortable in using PPC Ads. That’s why i told its like a running water. But over a period of time, you could see the realness in driving traffic with these paid methods.

To frankly say, there are no hidden secrets for making money from affiliate business, it purely depends on the product and how you are promoting the product ? Thats why, I say promote quality product. Think like a buyer and see the product, ask the question, do i buy this product ? If you don’t feel good about the product don’t take it for promotion. Always use Article marketing & Search Network PPC Ads with Right Keywords to drive targeted traffic, definitely your affiliate marketing business WINS !

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