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How To Review A Product For Promoting Online ?


Its great idea to promote a product by writing a review. And you must know how to review a product ? first. Every one who is looking to buy a product from Internet will read reviews. Reviews are generally a practical information about a product and a way of sharing the product experience to others. But using review pages for product promotion is a good idea that pushes the readers to buy the product wisely. Lets learn here, how to review a product for promoting the same !

Fake or Truth Product Review.

I have seen tonnes of product review pages in my career and found almost 80% of the review pages are junk or fake. They don’t have the original or true content. And they rewrite the existing reviews telling the same stuffs using other words. If you want to promote a product by review then speak the truth !

Either you should use the product and tell the truth or tell the facts that you know about the product.

Do I Use the Product Before Writing Review ?

Good question to answer before writing a product review. I would say, its not really required to use the product before writing a review. If you have used the product then good, provide all the information or what experience that you had with that product. Otherwise, study the product and related information. Share, what you understood from that product ? Basically, use your common sense and niche experience to judge the quality of the product before writing a review for promotion.

Be Frank On Review Result.

You should tell the result in the end of the review. Either the product is good, bad or better. If you have the positive thought about that product then put your affiliate links in your page to make sales from your review page. On the other way, if the product is not good then tell the readers, why the product is not good ? Generally, giving a reason to the readers may help them to take good decision and that also builds a trust on YOU !

Overloading Affiliate Links.

Overloading the review page with multiple or more number of affiliate link is the most common mistake the every one does. In fact, putting too many affiliate links will hurt the reader. Moreover, it creates an impression that you are pushing the product to reader. That should not happen because you will loose your reader without sales. So decently introduce not more than 2 affiliate links that’s well enough to trigger a sale from your review page.

Enhancing The Review Page.

You could enhance your review page with much more useful content related to the product. Like share the advantages, disadvantages and special offers or features about the product taken for review. Sometimes, its great to embed a video about the product, overview of the product and that shows your readers to visualize/see the product on the screen. Having a good review page with useful and practical facts definitely promotes the product and hence ends with more sales.

You should always experiment with different methods to promote a product online. And for sure, reviewing a product and promoting the product via review page drives targeted traffic and hence more sales, more money !


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