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Review of Money Making From Maxbounty CPA Based Online Advertising


This is exactly a pre-Review of Maxbounty online advertising network which is CPA based program. Its pre-review because i have not used Maxbounty in any of my blogs and now i am going to share you my thoughts, views about Maxbounty.

First of all, Maxbounty is a CPA (cost-per-action) based ad network. That means, you will be paid only when the visitor clicks and makes an action like buying a product, doing a sign up etc. In other words, you will be paid only when the user takes an action from the advertisers web site (not just for clicking like Google Adsense). Underlying benefit of CPA network, you could earn more money than CPC based programs. Yes, sometimes 10 times higher than CPC based programs.Maxbounty Review

  • Joining Maxbounty is simple with an extra step. Sign up here for freeĀ  and once applied, Maxbounty will review your application. Your identify will be verified through a phone call. So you have to give valid phone number while signing up with Maxbounty.
  • NOTE: When they are not able to reach you on phone, they reject your account. So take care that you are providing a valid contact.
  • There are no minimum traffic requirement to join Maxbounty. Publishers from countries like India, China are not accepted, looks like Maxbounty finds more fraudulent publishers in these countries. And here is their FAQ page.

Once approved, you could add the available campaigns through your web site. You could track the earnings and other statistics from the dashboard which gets up-to-date information with a 5 minute delay.

The lead that you generate for the advertiser falls under 2 categories.

  • Scrubbing which are duplicate leads, Advertiser won’t pay for these duplicate leads.
  • Shaving which are invalid leads, rejected by the advertiser (may not met the expected criteria).
  • The result of leads either Scrubbed or Shaved is completely decided by the Advertiser.

Interestingly, like many other ad networks, Maxbounty offers Referral program. And the commission of 5% will be shared to your account for the first 12 months, which is not a good referral program i believe (because of less commission). Your earnings will be paid to you on Net 15 basis (paid after 15 days for the last month) and the minimum threshold is $50.

To mention, Maxbounty is one of the oldest Ad network established on 2004 and running successful as of now 2010 for the past 6-7 years. And they do agree publishers of smaller size too. And their site says, they have 11K quality publishers. From this Review, Maxbounty is best suited for web sites which gets quality traffic especially which generates Leads. In my style, if your site gets Buyer Traffic or Research Traffic, it converts where as Surfer Traffic may not convert good !


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