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Review of COPEAC Affiliate Network


COPEAC Affiliate network is a new kind of affiliate network (their website says this Quote) and it’s yet another option for making money from affiliate marketing. And their website claims that they have 40K quality, publishers. COPEAC is a Cost-Per-Action (CPA) based affiliate network, they supply top converting offers and they have a huge number of products to promote on almost many niches. They have their own proprietary tracking and targeted global reach technologies to make them stand out in the industry.

I see a number of websites (not many) are using COPEAC affiliate network. So thought of sharing few insights that I have observed from their site.

Joining COPEAC Network.

Interesting, for joining COPEAC you have to do the following:Copeac Review

  • Call them in person to their toll-free number and looks their “Affiliate Approvals Group” will speak with many details about your publishing history/capabilities to accept into their network.
  • Or simply fill this form and they will contact you back with 24-48 hours.

International applicants should email them with the below details:

  • Country & Contact Telephone Number
  • Your experience in affiliate marketing
  • Copy of passport or Government ID &
  • you have to include the screenshots of your earlier affiliate earnings 🙂

Looks the joining process is bit tedious and it takes time. The reason they have this kind of system I believe is, to ensure they are keeping only quality publishers in hand. That’s the best part of COPEAC’s business I could see.

COPEAC Ad Media Varieties.

COPEAC supports multiple Ad media’s as follows:

  • Email Distribution – They have pre-built HTML designs and tools to effectively make better marketing emails. If you already have a huge email list then you could simply use their tools to flood with affiliate product marketing emails.
  • Display/Media Buying – I understand these are banner advertisements and they have an in-house team to make creative displays. And you will get options to match the landing page according to the Ad that you choose.
  • Other Distributions – Few more methods of Ad distributions are done through social media tools, search options, Contextual distributions. With their tracking system, you could gain more control of the performance and you could tweak to see better results.

Also, COPEAC manages to track and reporting through their own proprietary technology. They have enhanced reporting and an analytic feature which shows detailed information like hourly, day and monthly statistics.

Payment on a weekly basis, so that you could collect your earnings every week. Minimum payment threshold: 100$ (this information I found from other reviews searched through Google)

I Could Not Find Legitimate COPEAC Reviews…

To frankly tell, I don’t see many quality reviews about COPEAC on Internet. Searched Google and found most are junk reviews only. This review had covered a bit more details about COPEAC, but no practical issues are discussed.

Finally, I searched digital point forum where you could find real user experiences with COPEAC and I have shared you few of the hot discussions about COPEAC affiliate network, have a look:

Hope this review at least referred to a good number of forum discussions to understand real things about COPEAC affiliate network.

  • There are always multiple options and if you looking for more such affiliate networks, see this List of money making programs (I have a huge collection)!


  1. copeac is a major scam steven the president is a cheat and liar
    they shave and not only that lie as much as possible
    I dont know why they do this but they said I can run thinkcreditreports without the risk of the leads being scrubbed and sure enough they were scrubbed it is now 3 months later and stepehn never emails me back or when I call he puts me on hold and never picks up again

    these guys are real jerks
    a complete nightmare


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