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How I Raised Adwords CTR In A Day ?


Google Adwords when rightly utilized, you could earn more out of it. Yes, in the sense driving MORE targeted traffic to your sales page. Though targeted traffic depends on the keywords you select but getting more traffic is also important. There comes the Click-Through-Rate (CTR).

CTR is an important factor when it comes to PPC Advertising. In case of Google Adwords, your CTR decides the Quality score (its one of the factor). So as an Internet marketer you have to pay more attention for CTR. Now coming to the point, how to raise Adwords CTR ? I did few tweaks & seen a great increase in CTR. What I did ?

First Create Multiple Ads.

First I created multiple ads and waited for few days. Finally, I found 2 ads are doing good among 5. So I just removed the remaining 3 Ads from the campaign. Again, I created 3 more new ads and waited for few more days. And this experiment is continuing till date. It don’t want to stop this experiment because its a never ending process.

You may find a better ad than another every time. The interesting thing is that your campaign score increases day-by-day. This is a Divide-and-test Approach.

CTR Raised In A Day.

So at one stage, my campaign becomes so strong having good ads which are all performing well. The next time, i tried to tweak few things and found tremendous results.

Yes, it did a simple tweak by reducing the number of words in the Ad description to short. I mean, two words per line. Then what happened ? In a day, i found the CTR raised higher more than 50% than before.

What could be the reason ? The reason is well straight forward because all the other competitors are using multiple words in each line of the Ad description & i am the only person to use less words in the Ads. So this makes the Ad to stand out from the rest, resulting in higher CTR.

Few More Tips To Raise CTR.

Ad CTR can be raised easily by trying out the below tips, you could try one at a time & test the results. Don’t optimize with every thing, you should do in combination’s.

  • Call-To-Action. Introduce a call to action in your Ad text. Ask reader to see your business/product & create curiosity for the reader to click on the Ad. This the most powerful secret for increasing CTR.
  • Ask Questions. A question in the Ad title will trigger the reader to look for the solution. Because 90% of the Internet surfers are solution seekers. If your Ad ask that question in the reader mind, it triggers them to click on your Ad.
  • Words. Words usage is more important. Avoid words like “this”, “that”, “is” etc. Use highly professional & marketing terms that shows good nature of your Ad, your business & your product.


The conclusion is, don’t stop experimentation with your Ads Text. Find out, how others are writing Ad text for specific keywords and tweak your Ad text in a unique, different way from others. This may work to you also because i tried & seen raises in my Ad CTR.

Now its your turn to raise the Adwords CTR !


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