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7 Questions To Ask Before Affiliate Product Promotion


Using affiliate program is one of the best and proven method of online business strategy. We have Clickbank, Commission Junction, Google Affiliate Network etc. and much more networks to select a product for you to promote online. And its quite easy to make decent income from affiliate programs. In fact, if you have a blog then its more easy to sell related products online.

But there are few scenarios where you could not sell your affiliate product because you are taking wrong steps. Yes, this article asks 7 questions which helps you in promoting an affiliate product online in the right way. Once you answer these questions, definitely you could tweak your marketing strategy to make more affiliate leads.

Do the affiliate product has demand in the market ?

The first question to answer is about market demand. You should analyze the market first. Because you should target a market which has higher demand so that the chances are more to make more sales. Use Google Keywords Tools to find out the search statistics, which tells you exactly how much demand a product has in the Internet for the given keywords. The one with higher search count is the hot market.

Do the affiliate product has crowded supply in the market ?

Then comes the supply, do the product has more suppliers. If you are seeing more people selling that product already, then you are 1000+1th guy. Yes, you will stand in end of the queue. This strategy doesn’t work out. Instead, you have to find a product that has less supply in the market. Do enough search over Google, yahoo & other search engines and find out how the market is crowded ? Find a market with less suppliers, it helps you to easily come to front of the competition, hence you could make more sales and more money easily.

Learn, how to find profitable market and products ?

Do the affiliate product adds value to the customer ?

The most important question, do the product adds value to the customer. Use your common sense and find out how far the product helps the buyer ? People will buy only useful product , only fools will buy useless product. So don’t target the fools, you will become fool. Promoting one useful product is better than promoting 10 useless product.

Do the affiliate product solves a problem ?

Do you know that 80% of the Internet users are solution seekers ? Yes, most of the people are finding solution to the problems over Internet. So if your product solves a problem then that’s a gold mine.

How is the market season now ?

In general, there are season’s in business. Sometime your affiliate product may make more money & sometimes, it won’t make money. It depends on the product taken for promotion. You should not promote a Christmas product during the mid-year. Understood, right ? So think such season’s, corelate your affiliate product & marketing trends.

Do you know the history of the product ?

You should know the history of the affiliate product, at least a short history. Because, Internet has many such scams which may lead you into trouble. You should not promote a scam product, your identity will be destroyed. So pay attention about the affiliate product before recommending to everyone.

Have you read reviews about the affiliate product ?

Reviews are the best source of input that helps you in take a wise product for promotion. Its a chance to learn from others experience and it gives more chance to win the business. If you want to make money from an affiliate product, first read more review’s about that product. Also, you should beware of fake reviewer’s (one who reviews a product for making sale without knowing anything about that product). Hey, use your common sense here to identify good reviews. Also, learn how to review a product for promotion ?

In short, the success of affiliate promotion depends on how good your affiliate product & your market has the demand & supply. Also, learn how to get targeted traffic for affiliate promotion ?


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