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Quality Makes Traffic And Traffic Makes Money


Its a tricky title for this article 🙂 That’s the reality too. Quality, Traffic and Money are the 3 major factors that decides the success of any online business. For any web based business, these are interlinked and interconnected to each other. Lets see in details what are they and how they are all affecting the growth of your online business.

Quality First, Traffic & Money Next.

In general, many times our mindset goes toward making money as profits (that should be the end goal indirectly for any business). But with being such mindset breaks your growth. It should be other way round, instead of money think of Quality. And keep quality as first and keep remaining others (traffic & money) next. Whatever you are doing, running an ecommerce website or a blog or anything else, serve quality service, serve quality product. Work towards delivering quality output from your business. Keep quality everywhere and never compromise for quality. Why ?

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3 Factors - Quality Traffic & Money
3 Factors - Quality Traffic & Money

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Quality Makes Traffic.

Quality product, Quality Service, Quality content never fails in Internet. Even the same case with the real world business (not always) but for online business its 100% true. When you have quality, you will get more customers to take your quality service. You will get more visitors to read your quality content. Your quality product reaches the world in good shape and hence you gain popularity. Basically, its growth. Yes, growth of everything and most importantly Traffic.

Quality is directly proportional to Traffic.

When you increase quality, you will get increased traffic. At the same time, a decrease in quality will decrease the quality of traffic. Its like a mathematical tread.

Traffic First, Money Next.

We are in the other side of the article and you have realized the importance of quality. Now traffic, its also more important because without traffic your business is dead. Quality yields traffic but that needs promotion or right marketing strategies. Take your business, build your brand, show your brand to the world. You should tell every one that you are doing a quality service. Marketing delivers the quality as traffic. So keep your work towards rightly marketing your business. Either your blog or an affiliate campaign, you should understand the audience & their problem first. Then only you could deliver your product or service to them and to solve their problem.

In short, do right marketing steps. Understand SEO, understand Pay-per-click advertising, understand free traffic generation methods and much more. Do more experimentation and try out different marketing approaches every day. This way, you will be taking your quality business to the right customers, that’s nothing else Targeted Traffic !

Traffic Makes Money.

Now we have realized the importance of quality and traffic along with right marketing. Now money, when you have that targeted traffic you don’t need to worry about money. Money flows in like anything if… Yes, if rightly monetized. Monetization is a tricky and fun filled strategy. It requires continuous experimentation’s. You should not stop with one and you could not decide one method for making money. You have to try out varieties and measure the results.

Also, maintain a balance in your strategy, like use PPC Ads, Affiliate sales, Seasonal sales/gifts in a balanced way. When a visitor comes to your site, you should take him to make money naturally. As mentioned earlier, without traffic your business dead and a dead business never makes money.

Traffic is directly proportional to Money.

When your traffic increases, you will make more money. At the same time, a decrease in traffic will decrease the money. Again, its like a mathematical tread.

The end result is, Quality Makes Traffic And Traffic Makes Money. That’s the hard secret of making money from online business.

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