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How (Not) To Pick Quality Less Affiliate Products For Money Making ?


Picking up the affiliate product is one of the most important step to start affiliate business. Many of the beginners are not much clear here and they “just pick” a product hoping to make money. But in reality, you have to perform few research before picking a product. Always a quality product which fulfills the buyer need wins.

So our aim, we should not pick a quality less affiliate product. Long back, we discussed the tips for affiliate selection that may worth reading too.

Demand In Product Market.

Any business is driven by the factors Demand & Supply. Yes, if there is a demand for a product then you could expect more profits. At the same time, you will see more competition. That’s the de facto of any business. Affiliate marketing is too crowded especially in a market which has higher demand.

One way, you could completely avoid such markets and look for moderately demanding market which is profitable always.

Read, finding profitable Market To Make Profits.

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Pick It Up !
Pick It Up !

Finding Purposeful Affiliate Products.

Once you found a profitable market, you have to identify the best product. Whenever you are selecting a product, you have to ask the following questions:

  • Do the affiliate product helps the buyer ?
  • Do the product solves the buyer problem ?
  • How far the product offers good solution to the buyer ?
  • What is the present result of the product in the market ?
  • Is there any bad reviews published about that product ?
  • What are the special features, when compared to other products ?

Having answers for all these questions will simply identifies the quality of affiliate product. Don’t “just pick” a product, spend some time doing all these research. Because you have to promote it for sale.

Sales Page Validation.

Now comes the sales page, once the product is identified, you have to do some research with the sales page (or landing page). Scanning through the sales page from top to bottom “predicting like buyer” may help you to validate its quality. A good sales page should have the below stuffs:

  • A title alarming the product name & its description.
  • An Introduction to the product.
  • Explain the real problem of the buyer.
  • Explain the solution offered by the product.
  • List down product features.
  • Conclusion and Order Button.

All these need not to be elaborate, few lines of clear explanation with everything fits on single page is well enough. If you see all these stuffs in their sales page then go ahead with that affiliate product.

Experimentation on Making Money.

At last, experimenting with affiliate products. Yes, experimentation is part of online business and you have to try with multiple products. Take 2-3 products and see how it makes money then drop the poor performer and pick another product. Going forward, you will be having profitable products in your hand. Its a simple strategy but you have to work, wait for results, measure and continue experiments.

Whatever affiliate network you use either Clickbank or CJ or Neverblue, always pay attention to the market, product and sales page. Its worth to sell 1 product which solves the buyer problem than trying to sell 5 aimless products.

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