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Promote And Market Your Online Business Site For Growth And Traffic That Increases Income


So your blog is monetized and you are almost ready with your online business. Basically, as we discussed earlier the amount of traffic decides your business income. So it is extremely important to promote and market your online business site widely, wisely towards growth.

There are three factors that decides the growth of your web site. Considering these three makes your work easier and that works for the long term too (don’t think for short term, always).

1) Publishing Useful Content. There are no other replacement’s for publishing useful content in your site. This is the most effective method of generating tonnes of traffic to your site. It is also required that you should not write the same stuffs that is already published by some body in the web. You should be the first one to write about that topic.

What I am telling is, write some latest stuffs in your topic and put that on your site. The latest stuff should be useful and good if that address a problem. This way, you will be ahead of other competitors in your business. The advantages of being the first to publish useful content are:

  • Search engines loves your site and sends tonnes of visitors (free of cost).
  • You content will become popular over the web and spreads pretty much faster. Linked by every one.
  • Ultimately, this builds the popularity of your site.

In fact, this is a easiest method to promote your site quickly.

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2) Using Well Known Marketing Methods. Some of the ever known methods of Internet Marketing are as follows.

Article Marketing, you could publish an article on your topic in free article publishing sites like ezinearticles, articlebase etc. You could increase the visibility by linking your site or your articles in that post.

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Forum Marketing, and becoming a member of a network of peoples who are working closely to your topic. This helps to quickly redirect the forum users to your site by telling about your business or by solving a common problem in your topic. You have to show that you are an expert in the forum so that your authority increases.

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Social Media Marketing. In the today web world, social media plays a vital role in exposing your business and your brand in front of the public. Join Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc and ask your readers to follow/join with you. This way you could build a network of peoples around you, ping them anytime and bring them to your site. You may get repeated visitors to your site.

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Well known Link Building Techniques.

The amount of links point to your site and your articles decides the popularity of your site (the logic used by search engines). So we have to work towards increasing the number of links pointing to your site.

  • Posting comments on other related blog’s.
  • Using bookmark sites like mixx, digg, stumbleupon etc to push your articles before everyone and gaining links to your articles.
  • Writing a guest post in your friend/know blogs related to your topic.
  • Link exchanging with other related blogs (ask through comments, mail or find out through forums) and much more….

Don’t do all these very seriously, it happens itself if you have useful content in your site.

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SEO. You have to optimize your site design for search engines and that’s a huge topic. Learn some basics of seo and try to follow that. But keep in mind don’t look for over optimization, you will be put into trouble by search engines.

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One & only Golden Method.

If you hate to do any of these techniques then just do one thing. Always publishing useful information in your site, thinking the readers. That’s well enough. Your popularity, visitors traffic everything increases slowly but grows in a steady fashion.

3) Measuring and Experimentation.

Integrate Google Analytics or sitemeter into your site, that’s very simple to integrate. Find out from what sources you are getting good amount of traffic. Repeat that process, experiment different methods and measure the results. At some point of time, you will be in a better position than before that’s called BUSINESS GROWTH !

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