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2 Tracks of Profitable Online Business, Which One To Take A Ride ?


The success of any online business depends on so many factors and hard to define it short. When it comes to work from home or a part time based online business, there are clear factors seen. Out of those, the strategy that you choose or the track in which you takes your business really matters !

This article is for those individuals who are working for the success of their online business.

From my understanding or experiences, i see like there are 2 tracks of online business which move towards success and makes profits.

Slow & Long Term Track…

The first, slow and long term track where you will invest the work on slower phase. Its like building a wealth slowly, you could not suddenly build wealth in life. Similar to that, its a slow and long term process. The best example is that building a passion blog which grows slowly and gives you profits on the long run.

You have to work every day for your blog and periodically, you have to publish useful content which helps the reader.

The underlying principle: Add value to your blog and apply the best marketing strategies.

When it comes to blog marketing, its again a long term process. You have to brand it and show the blog to wider audiences in order to increase the scope of marketing. Definitely, this could not be done in a day or two, it takes time and you have to show consistency in all these blog marketing activities. Interestingly, once you reached that level of growth, the returns are really good and huge profits. That’s why i called it as “wealth” for the long term.

Quick & Short Term Track…

The second is the Quick and short term track. This is totally different from wealth building and it involves strategies which are easy to implement. The best example could be selling products from the source of paid traffic.

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Where to go ?
Where to go ?

Launch a product or take a set of affiliate products, get targeted traffic using paid networks, sell them and make money. Its kind of ON/OFF strategy where you could control the flow of targeted traffic. When its ON, you earn and when its OFF, you don’t. There in long term it earns you every day even when you sleep. Here it is controlled at the same time its risky.

There are higher possibilities of failure conversion (no one buys the product) and also, you may loose the money invested to drive traffic. Highly depends on the market and the product…

Finally, Where To Go ?

Many of the Internet Marketers are in this short term track but they are doing it for the long term. I mean, constantly promoting products and constantly making profits. Say, invest $10,000 take back $60,000 in a year with $50,000 profits in hand. Its like a game.

Coming back to the question, which track to take ? Its up to you.

It depends on your goals. Both of these tracks are profitable only difference, at what time you see the profit differs ! Long back, i wrote articles explaining 3 models of online business, i hope sharing it here may help you to digg more into this topic.

Out of this list, we have not discussed about the work & earn model. This is something like a regular job in the virtual world, yes that’s freelancing kind of work. Take a job or project, offer the service and get paid. Its a straight forward approach where you work with your knowledge and all you need is dedicated Time. The more time you work, you could make more. That simple.

As an individual, first fix your business goals and see, what do you want to achieve from your online business ? When there are goals in place, you could easily decide your track. I would suggest you to apply a “Mixed Strategy”. That means focus on the long term wealth building as well as making short term profits. Good Luck.

Now tell me, on what track you are riding ?

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