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Finding Profitable Market or Profitable Product’s To Make Profits Online


For those who are looking for a profitable product or a market, I would like to show you 2 best things. I am not going to discuss any product (with my affiliate link) or any such referral product. Instead, I will show you the real best way to reach a profitable market to make profits. Lets see them in detail.

The Formula of Profitable Market.

In general, any business either a real world business or an online business, there are two major terms that you should realize first. They are: Demand & Supply. Business and its profits are decided by the ratio how it is shared by Demand and Supply. When demand increases, it needs more supply and when demand decreases, it needs less supply. So the nature of demand & supply are reciprocal to each other.

Now the question is, how this affects the profit ? Yes, when demand is more and supply is less, probability of profit grows. Similarly, when demand is less and supply is more, probability of loss grows. This logic will be applicable for affiliate market’s too. Its entirely driven by the nature of demand & supply in a particular market. So where is the profitable market ? Profitable market is the one with less supply and high demand.

The formula of profitable market is, Profitable Market = Less Supply + High Demand.

You should stick to this formula & apply this whenever you are looking to enter a market. This formula simply tells you the best profitable market. Now lets go practically to find out the profitable product online. For that, we should find the answer for the below question.

How To Find High Demand + Less Supply Product ?

The question is, how to find high demand, less supply product ? Higher demand products are generally, served with high supply. Because every one targets to supply a higher demand product because it creates the probability of selling more. But at the same time, you should face huge competition. When competition is high, you have to work very harder to stand out from other competitors but more chances are towards failure. So you should avoid the competitors wisely by selecting a less supply market. Okay, lets go practical.

Keyword Statistics & keyword’s are the gold mine of online marketing. Tools such as Google Keyword Tool, Wordtracker etc. are the most famous and useful tools to get keyword search statistics. Generally, i will use all the 2 tools to analyze the keywords of a particular product or a market.

For example, say you are targeting to sell “personal finance tools”, lets go through the steps to analyze whether it has high demand + less supply in the market.

Step 1: List down the related keywords like “buy personal finance tools”, “download personal finance tool”, “best personal finance tools” etc.

Step 2: Use all the 3 tools Google Keywords Tools, Wordtracker and see the search statistics for each keywords that you listed first. If you see more search count then it has high demand. Otherwise, the demand is less and you have found a high demand market/product.

Step 3: Do Google Search, Yahoo Search & look for the related sites or affiliate marketers already occupied the first 10 results.

Step 4: Go to each of the top 10 site’s and find out how far they are established in that topic.

Step 5: Now look for top 11-to-20 sites, 20-to-30 sites, so on…., Note down the number of well established websites.

Step 6: If you find more sites then its too much crowded ie., high supply .Otherwise, its supply is less & you have identified a less supply market/product.

Step 7: Repeat Step 1 to 6 until you see a high demand + less demand product.

Some useful video’s that may help you to find best profitable products online.

How To Keyword Research Using Google Keywords Tool ?

How To Use Wordtracker Tool ?

Demand & Supply Explained In Short Video.

Finally, keeping the profit formula in your mind and finding the profitable market & product will make more money & profits online.


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