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Recently, we discussed How affiliate marketing fails ?

And we understood many of the mistakes that beginners may do while running an affiliate marketing business. Now we are into the mood of making profits. Anyway profit making from your affiliate marketing business is your ultimate goal always, i know. In general, there is a big debate in the Industry between SEO (they are profit articles) & PPC marketing when it comes to getting traffic & making affiliate profits. Many people believe that SEO is the best method to drive quality targeted traffic to your site which gives 100% profit. But many are arguing on the another side that PPC Advertising is the best & quickest method to gain traffic, sales.

Whatever source of method you may use to gain traffic but finally, we need conversion i.e., sales & money.

From my point of view, both of these methods are good to follow either you could drive traffic using SEO or PPC Ads. But a simple recommendation, if you want to make money instantly then go for PPC Advertising esp. using Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing.

On the other side, if you are ready to wait or ready to work then go for SEO. I have taken one of the method of SEO to promote or sell an affiliate product. That’s Article Marketing.

Now coming to topic of 100% profit, how to make such 100% profits on your Affiliate Marketing business ? Lets see some insights….

Article Marketing Is Free. You could easily write an article about your affiliate product. And submit the article to a directory. Now do you get that expected traffic ? Generally, with less traffic you could make great sales. But there is a way to convert even if you have lesser traffic. That’s Framing of Keywords.

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Keywords are the sole of SEO. And your article should use that keyword which actually gets you conversion/sale. In general, from my knowledge there are 3 levels of Article Marketing via keywords. Lets see these 3 methods & you will be clear that what kind of marketing that suites your need ?

General Marketing. Its basically to gain normal reader to your article. when you target such kind of traffic you won’t get any sales. A reader traffic is one where the reader seeks only information. He may go from page to page by just surfing the content & links. He is not a buyer. The case where you need this kind of traffic is to increase page views/impressions for your Ads/banner ads & to get some clicks on your advertisements.

Usually, using less focused keywords on your articles may drive this kind of traffic but it doesn’t makes money through affiliate sales.

Research Marketing. The another kind of marketing your article to reach researching reader. Research Reader is the one who is researching a product before buying. Or he wants to read reviews about a particular product. This is a quality traffic for affiliate sales.

Because there are more chances that the readers mind may change suddenly to buy the product. But it doesn’t happen always.

For example, out of 200 or 500 visitors you may get 1 sale. It depends on the kind of content you use in your article. If your content has the intelligent to brain wash the reader then for sure, it may trigger many people to buy the product from your page. Or it may trigger him to go to your affiliate page for buying the product. It depends on the words & the nature of content you write.

Finally, you should focus these kind of traffic to initiate few affiliate sales.

Real Marketing. This is the kind of real traffic that you want to sell the product. This is the hot place to make sales. To reveal, most of the keywords here will have the terms buy, purchase, order etc. So the end idea is to use these kind of words in your articles especially on the title & in the body of the content. Here you may get 5 to 10 sales out of 100 visitors.

The trick is not to focus on real marketing but to focus on “Research Marketing + Real Marketing”. Why ?

If you sit & think, it gives the answer. For sure a research marketed article will have the strength, value of content related to the product. And that value builds the visitors Trust on your words, page & finally the product that you want to sell. Real marketed article will have the right keyword that pulls in the people who wants to buy the product.

So when the visitor lands on your page, he feel the value about your content & more important it is a real marketed visitor. After seeing the value, he gains trust on the product & simply Orders ! Your job is done !

So take the approach of combining research & real marketing method that drives the right visitors to your site from search engines. And finally, every sale you makes 100% profit because you never spend any money for this conversion.

That’s great right ?[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]



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