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Preparation’s To Do Before Starting Online Business


Very good, now we have the basic understanding of the online business, you know what really involves in online business and the classification or types of online business. Now you are in a position to understand what you are going to do as a business ? Internet based business needs the platform i.e., a website to endure all business activities. As an individual you could simply jump into hosting a website or a free blog within minutes. But in reality, if you have to make a proper move and you have to prepare. Yes, preparation is the key step before starting your online business. In this article, you will learn what are all the preparations required for online business ?

Preparation for your online business is a huge step and that may continue through out the life cycle of your business. But here are the basic preparations that you should do before starting your online business. Believe me, if you are not prepared at least this much, your online business WILL fail.

Selecting the topic that you are passion or interested about.

You have decided to launch an information based business that involves writing useful information on the web. Anyway you need to host a website or a free blog to write that information but before that you have to decide your topic. Its very simple, one way to choose a topic that you are interested but on the another side, you have to evaluate the topic for the “business demand“. Before that just to note, the habit of giving out information as an individual(not necessary) over the web is termed as “blogging“. So its all depends on how you are making that habit as a business.

So take a pen and list down the topics that you are interested or you have good knowledge about. Some example topics could be like “java tutorial”, ” market trends”, fashion tips, fishing tips, personal finance etc. anything that you like. Keep in mind, you have to write useful information so you should have enough knowledge on the topic !

Measuring Business Demand For The Chosen Topic.

After listing down the topics, you have to evaluate the level of demand for that topic on the Internet. In general, Internet users are information seekers who uses Search Engines to find out needful information. I believe you have the basic understanding of search engines, the best example is Google.com. Fine, so one of the key point to note down is that about 50-60% of visitors for a website is from search engines. So you have to consider few optimization techniques for search engine. From the beginning onwards, you have to consider the search engines apart from other sources of traffic. So what really involves in considering search engine for your business, lets see.

Measurement or Researching Your Online Business via Search Engine.

The famous search engines in the world is Google and major of the Internet users are using Google as the source to find required information. A keyword is the text that the user enters to the search engine to find the information. So we could use one of the tools called as Google Keyword tool. It helps to find out how many number of searches are happening for a particular keyword (i.e., demand). Lets take the example of as “business trends” as the topic and lets do some research.

Results for the topic “business trends” from the keyword tool.

Keyword Result Analysis

I have taken few example keywords that have medium search frequency like “small business trends”, “future business trends”. (generally, Keywords with higher search volume are very competitive to target). You could try the same with some other tools like SEO book keyword suggestion tool, Wordtracker keyword tool etc. The next step is search google, yahoo and analyze the top 10 results. Just spend few minutes on the top 10 websites and find out how well they are established. If they are highly established, it is tough to competitive with them. The lower they are established higher the chances of winning the competition. Try the same for the other related keywords on that topic. See the below images for the search results and the count that shows the total number of results (that may help to identify the supply).

Google search for related topics “new business trends” & “small business trends”.

Results for new business trends

Result analysis for furture business trends

Few factors that may help to decide out the level of a online business competitor:
1) Google pagerank (higher pagerank the better), check using Google toolbar.
2) number of pages in the website (find out by typing site:<websitename>.com in google, yahoo)
3) number of links pointing to the website (find out using link:<websitename>.com in google, yahoo this shows the popularity in general)
4) Find out the domain age using whois.net
5) How useful content the site is having on that topic ?
6) How professional it looks ?
7) Number of readers subscribed (generally, you could see the subscriber count in blogs) and much more stuffs with you COMMON SENSE.

On considering all these factors, you could identify the “supply occupancy“. If you find less occupancy then its a piece of cake, take it. Otherwise, do the same for the next topic and at one stage you will be ready with a topic that is not highly competitive (i.e., with more demand for information and less supply). Similarly, find out more related keywords on that topic and keep a list. The basic idea is that your site should have information related to those keywords so that whenever a person searches, your site will appear on the search results. (occupying the top 10 result is the real work) That’s fun, right ? Find out the topic with more demand and less supply is the major step in preparing your online business.

Some more preparation’s to do for online business.

  • Give a brand name to your business. Brand name should be catchy so that everyone will remember your business. (you could use the brand name as a website name too, will see more about this in the next step).
  • Decide the categories on the chosen topic (decide the sub-categories too).
  • Learn the basics of writing skills.
  • Learn the basics of SEO Techniques.
  • Get ready to use social media tools, etc.

That are much more you have to prepare as every stage of your online business needs preparation. But these are the very basics that you should be prepared before starting your online business. This post may be confusing your mind so lets consolidate the points to be clear.

  • List down your interested topics.
  • Analyze the topics using the tools like Google Keyword tool,  Seo book tool, wordtracker etc.
  • Find out the topic with more demand (more search volume) and less supply (lower number of established sites in top 10 results).
  • Decide a brand name.
  • List down the major categories on that topic.
  • Learn basics of writing, seo & social media.

That’s it ! you are ready to rock your brand new online business. What’s next ? Goahead to host a domain or a free blog….

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