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Different Types of Online Scams To Steal Your Hard Earned Money


Are you looking for an online business idea and expecting to make some quick money?

If yes, then you should beware of the SCAMS running over in the Internet.

You know the real world thief, online thief’s are something same but sitting behind the screens and making all the best ways to steal your hard earned money online. Though online thief’s are available in almost all the type of online businesses, they are acting as real hero’s especially in the home based business market.

Okay, lets see how do peoples are getting fooled by different types of online scams?

Fraudulent Testimonials.

Numerous schemes are there in the Internet that offers you to become a millionaire overnight without doing any work.

They make people fool in the name of fraudulent Testimonials by adding notes from their users who doesn’t really exists. One simple example of this kind of testimonial:

“Hi, my name is Clara, I recently joined this xxxx scheme and I was amazed with the earnings I made in single day. You know, I made $1000 the first day I joined this scheme without doing any work…bla…bla…bla….”

Don’t believe in these kind of schemes, they are the real scams. Keep in mind there is no way in the world to make money without doing any thing, “even a beggar has to beg”.

Bulk e-mail.

Every one in this world using e-mail will receive this bulk or spam e-mails.

Most scammers use email as the powerful marketing medium to catch peoples, by flooding mails with false information or putting links to malformed sites or even mails with malicious scripts, to steal money. If you follow those mails, for sure you will get into the bottle neck.

Most of the email services Gmail, Yahoo, MSN are having effective spam control features that blocks spam mails and moves to bulk or spam folder. My advice is, never read any mail from those folders or from any person who don’t really know before.scam-sign

Health and Fitness Scam.

Lose your weight with no exercise, herbal or natural cure to reduce fat in 10 days, Shape your body in 11 days, Grown hairs in 7 days.

These are some of the highlight quotes related to fitness and health scams. Beware of these schemes, if you really want to attain these, consult your doctor or practitioner. Don’t loose your money in Internet, by blindingly believing such things.

Free Gifts Free Bonus.

Majority of the scam money making schemes offers you free gifts or joining bonus. Do you think, if somebody gives you money without getting something from you?

Keep in mind, if they are paying you $100 joining bonus then sure they will get at-least $200 from you through any way, directly or indirectly.

The best example could be the pay-per-lead programs that offers you $100 or even more as joining bonus. But once you joined and started doing some work, you may have to pay $200 for their hosting server to continue.

I am not blaming all such lead programs, there are proven systems available over the Internet but make some research and see, if they are genuine before going for it.

Auction Fraud.

Numerous Internet users are going ahead to buy products from Auction sites. Its one of the effective way to buy auction products but the problem is buying from unknown auction sites or from unknown merchant.

You may find a costlier product for less money and you may pay them happily but the sad thing, product not dispatched to your address.

So don’t believe in unknown auction sites or merchants, buy only from trusted parties. Don’t loose your hard earned money.

Keep all these points in your mind, before you join anything online – expecting to get quick benefits.



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