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4 Factors Which Affects Online Business Site Growth


Have your online business site up and running. Do your site grows ? What are the strategies which affects your business growth ?

You have to apply growth strategies till the life cycle of your online business. Yes, there are few essential factors which readily affects your online business growth. Understanding them may help you to progress in the right direction especially in operating your business effectively towards growth.

From my experience, i have identified the following are essential…

Being Professional In Business.

Keeping professional touch every where in your business matters in terms of building TRUST. Yes, trust plays a major role in turning your visitors into customers. Not every visitor will become your fan. At the same time, if your site satisfies them then they will become Repeat visitors.

So keep professionalism on everything from site design, branding, content and how you interact with the visitors. In fact, being professional keeps your site in the visitors mind. At the same time, keep your site simple and user friendly too.

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Growth Inprogress...
Growth Inprogress...

Site Traffic and The Effects.

Traffic generation, the ultimate aim of every entrepreneur who run a business site. The purpose of your site, to make money and drive profits. Traffic is the source of income and more the visitors coming to your site, increases the chances of making more income.

If you are not already in the right track, understand that Search Traffic, Social Traffic and Referral traffic are the strong sources of visitors. I have published a short course on how to Get more traffic to your site ? which may help you to improve your site towards traffic generation. Keep in mind that a site without visitors makes you “Nothing”.

Quality of Service.

QoS decides the underlying business growth. Say, you are driving 10K visitors per month and what if your site offers poor service ? what if your site doesn’t solves the visitors problem ? what if your site offers poor quality information ? The end results are unpredictable that your site will loose its “Credibility” very soon.

On the other end, quality in terms of “Solving the visitors problem” is well enough to keep your site boosted up. There’s no replacement for quality. Quality web site attracts the visitors attention soon ! because you provide “One Stop Solution”. Quality makes you traffic too.

Revenue Generation Strategies.

Next comes, how do you generate revenue from your business site ? What kind of advertising programs ? what kind of products ? Do the products that you offer, solves the visitors problem ? I will ask, many more questions.

One of the end goal of every web site, making revenue. So you must diversify the income by incorporating varying monetization strategies. As an example, don’t stick to Adsense instead have other options too which may balance the up/downs in your revenue as a backup.

More important, understand the Kind of traffic that you receive either Buyer Traffic or Surfer Traffic or Research Traffic and monetize your site accordingly. Also, keep Contextual Promotion at the first step which means showing right products/ads to the right visitors.

Importance of Uniqueness.

Being unique with your site is more important in terms of design and approach. Uniqueness is the weapon to beat the competitors. Because when your market is too big, definitely you have to face the competition. You don’t need to fear about competition but understand it first and try to make out, what is not there with the competitors, that’s “Intelligent Uniqueness“. Also, learn How to analyze business competitors ? and the Tips to stand out in competition.

Finally, the growth of your online business site depends on how you are professional, unique and keeping quality. It brings in traffic and revenue automatically. If you are not able to follow all these, just “Serve the visitors” which brings in steady growth to your online business at any chance.

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