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Lets see in detail, how to make your online business income from home using a short term online business model. As discussed earlier, short term model gives you the results/income in a day or two but only thing you have to spend some money from your pocket. If you are ready to spend then you could start today or tomorrow immediately. It doesn’t takes much time to setup your own income system.

Basically, I want to explain everything in short and simpler form so that there won’t be any confusions at the end. Also, you will understand the steps easier.

Simply to summarize, you have to join affiliate network, use Google keyword tool & wordtracker tool to find out high demand product, select that high demanding product (affiliate link) from clickbank, use Google Adwords to drive traffic to that affiliate link, receive your INCOME for the sales !

1) Join Affiliate Network.

First step is joining an affiliate network. There are few great networks that you could join like Clickbank, Commission Junction, AzoogleAds, Google Affiliate etc.

But I would recommend as a beginner go for Clickbank which is simple to operate and you won’t get confused. Clickbank has wide number of products available so that you could select anything of your choice. Moreover, clicbank pays commissions upto 75% per sale you make for them. Interestingly, its free to join, you have to just signup with few details (esp your name & address) to receive your cheque (money). Join clickbank here.

2) Selecting A Product Which Has Demand.

Now the second step is selecting a product from clickbank. What product ? Product which has high demand. Now, how to know which is a high demanding product ? You have to use few simpler tools which helps to identify the demanding products. What are the Tools ? Google Adwords Keyword Tool and the Wordtracker Tool are generally used to find out how many of them are looking for that product. You have to enter the keywords there and it displays the statistics for you.

The product which has higher search figure is the demanding one. (Moreover, if you find high demand product which has less supply then you are away from competition).

Don’t worry, see the below video which helps on how to find and select a clickbank product which has higher demand ?

3) Launching Your Income System.

You are ready with a product and now you have to setup the Google Adwords Campaign which basically drives TARGETED traffic to your product’s sale page. When it comes to adwords, you have to consider two things which controls your results !

  • Keywords Selection. Selecting the right targeted keyword which sends you TARGETED traffic which converts (sells the product). One simple example, if your product is “Personal Finance software” then your keywords should be in and around “buy personal finance software”, that’s called TARGETED traffic.
  • Cost Paid Per Click. The money that you pay Google Adwords for a single click and you have to decide the maximum bid based on the front page bid value. Adwords runs based on the bid value that you fix for a particular keyword. So you have to fix the cost you pay for single click based on the highest amount paid by others. You should not pay more than or very less when compared to that highest cost paid for a particular keyword to make better results.

Don’t worry these things may be confusing in the beginning but will get familiar soon. Once your campaign is ready and up, you will get targeted traffic to your sales page. The number of sales you make decides, how much money you will earn that you can track from your Clickbank account.

Don’t worry, the following video helps you on how to create a Google Adwords Campaign ?

Yet another updated video on Google Adwords…

The last step, receive your earned money from Clickbank. Its so simple right ? That’s the secret of short term online business model, you will start your online business instantly. Selecting the right product and setting the adwords campaign in the right way gives better results/income.

Good Luck ! To receive more useful information about online business in future, simply subscribe to this blog (its free).

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