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Long Term Online Business Model via Blogs


This article explains you on how to make your online business income from home using a long term online business model (with blogs). As discussed earlier, long term model gives you the results/income only after long period (period depends on few factors). The requirement here is that you have to spend considerable amount of quality time (even working from home) in the right direction.

So if you are ready to spend good time (at least an hour a day) then you could start go for this model. Simply saying, you have to start a website/blog of your own, write content & publish periodically, do the website promotion, monetize your blog & make money !

Again this is not any new invention or something, its all about grinding the say old stories. BUT, keep in mind that you have to take better decisions at each point of time to achieve greater results from this type of online business. I want to explain the funda in short and simpler form so that you will be crystal clear at the end of this post.

Choose a Topic.

So you are going to create a blog, the first step is to choose a topic. To be simple, you could select the topic that you are more interested or that you have good knowledge. Because you have to write quality content on that topic CONTINUOUSLY so you should have enough knowledge (reproducing the content from other sites may not work here dude !). Or else select a topic, parallely learn and write, that brings your writings to good shape after few months.

Don’t select a topic which has already too many well established sites, just select a topic with moderate competition. (you could search google for the topic to measure the competition).

Learn how to find niches ?

Create a blog (Blogger or wordpress ?).

The question, every one will ask before starting a blog, which platform to select ? either Blogger.com or wordpress.com. My recommendation, simply go for Blogger.com & if your blog grows then move to wordpress.org with a self hosting (your own website) in the future.

One important factor, select a good domain name to your blog (should be a brand name of yours or a keyword related to your topic). I thought of explaining the steps to start a blog in blogger in detail but found the below video useful. Watch out !

Keep on publishing Quality Unique Content.

So you have create a brand new blog of yours from blogger.com. Your next steps is producing content. Start writing articles related to your topic. You could write any kind of article like “how to”, “tips”, “tutorials”, “courses” related to your topic BUT write USEFUL & ORIGINAL content.

Have a goal, I will write 1 article per day and stick to that. Keep on publishing articles on your blog, important DON’T EXPECT ANY IMMEDIATE RESULTS. Because it takes time to build a site with good information. KEEP “WRITING” AS A “HABIT” IN YOUR DAY-TO-DAY ACTIVITIES !

Blog Promotion In Right Steps.

How to promote a blog ? the answer to this question is huge and cannot be covered in few words. But there are few important factors to consider in promoting your blog.

You should have two aims,

  • Search Engine Promotion. Publishing useful original articles in your blog drives visitors from search engines. One important thing, you have to gain back links (links pointing to your articles from other sites). You will automatically gain back links, if you have good articles or gain yourself by publishing articles on article submission sites (like ezinearticles.com, hubpages.com etc) & social bookmarking on digg.com, mixx.com, stumbleupon.com etc. Learn Google SEO.
  • Direct Promotion. Direct promotion in the sense gaining loyal readers to your blog. Use social media tools like twitter.com, facebook.com and build your network of readers. Have E-mail, RSS subscription options in your blog and ask the visitors to join. Learn to create social media presence.

Monetize Effectively (for money/income).

Making money from your blog is the one of end goal (producing quality content should be first :-)). There are two ways, the first way is “Ad Revenue” using Adsense or other PPC related programs or selling Ad space directly from your blog. The second way is promoting products (affiliate products from clickbank.com, Commision Junction (cj.com), Amazon.com, ebay.com etc) on your blog, products should be related to your blog topic or you could directly sell your own products (ebooks, videos or anything related to your topic…).

The final words are nearing, you have to keep the below statements in your mind.

  • I will be patience & work for the growth of blog.
  • I will work consistently on my blog.
  • I will produce only useful content in my blog.
  • I don’t expect big results/income in first 6 months to 1 year.
  • I will keep all the above statements in mind !
  • Learn how to automatically convert keywords into affiliate links ?

If you are not ready to put enough work (at least 1 hour working from home), don’t go for this long term model, simply go for short term online business model.

Gook Luck.

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