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Online Business Models For Individuals Income From Home

Knowing the kind of online business model helps the individuals to set up your income source working from home. Yes, its about individuals online business. Internet has the flexibility to work from any where any time and hence individuals can get benefits by utilizing this flexibility.

In general, there are 2 major online business models that you could adopt to your day-to-day life to generate more income to your pocket ! I am not going to tell you about my new inventions, but these 2 business models are the basement.

I have classified the business model into two based on the outcome of income/results. They are : Long Term Online Business Model & Short Term Online Business Model.

This post may not be a lengthy one, So I like to discuss each of these business models in separate detailed post linked. Lets understand the outline of these online business model’s.

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Income For Individual's !
Income For Individual’s !

image: Milena Mihaylova

Short Term Online Business Model.

As I told before, the classification is based on the outcome of income. This is a short term business model so the results are immediate, you will be making money as soon as started.

How Short Term Model Works ?

Basically, every online business needs targeted Traffic & Conversion (I will repeat these terms many times in this blog….) So gaining targeted traffic quickly, achieves our goal of making income at the earliest.

FYI, “Conversion” is product sale ! Yes, you have to become an affiliate (one who promotes others product) by joining Affiliate Networks (Clickbank, CJ, Amazon, Azoogle, Google etc…) first.

Secondly, select a product of your choice which as demand in the market.

Third, drive targeted traffic to your affiliate page using Google Adwords. The success of this business model depends on creating better Adwords Campaign with targeted keywords & selecting a demanding product with good sale page.

Its simple and works quickly (probably within a day). If you are looking for instant income then go for this short term online business model but you have to spend money from your pocket to drive traffic from Adwords. Detailed article is Online Business Income From Home via Short Term Online Business Model.

Long Term Online Business Model.

Now comes the long term model, as said earlier here you will get the results/income after longer period (in reality, after months or years…). Also, you have to put considerable (enough) amount of hard work in place to make successful results.

How Long Term Model Works ?

First, even for long term model also you need Traffic and Conversion. But we are not going to take a quick method to drive traffic. Instead, you have to setup your own website or blog (don’t worry you could host free blogs).

Produce useful content on a topic that you are more passion about and keep on producing content. Finally, you will build a web site with full of useful content related to that topic and hence you will get visitors who are seeking for that information. You will get traffic from many sources especially from search engines, other referring sites, etc.

Here conversion is product sale, Ad revenue, service referral etc. As you have to produce great content, it cannot be achieved in a day or two. It takes more weeks, months or sometimes years and that depends on how much time you are able to invest on your web site every day ! It takes time because you are the only person to work on your business & you are solely producing content.

More traffic, more conversion and more income. But the end results are good, stands, grows, multiples for the long term. Detailed article about Online Business Income From Home with Blogs via Long Term Online Business Model.

Finally, each of these online business models has its own advantages and disadvantages but they two are really worth to take up as an individual especially to work from your home. Decide yourself and choose a business model that suites for you as an individual !

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