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Why Your Online Business Should Not Dependent Only on SEO ?


Online businesses are meant for profits (even without SEO). The dependency on SEO is widening every day to your business. This is because of the nature of visitors your business site gets from search engines. Search engines are able to send real visitors who are looking for information. Thats why search engine traffic converts well, when compared to other sources of traffic.

When the situation is like that, every web site wants to drive search traffic and they are becoming dependent on SEO. Since SEO is the base of driving traffic from search engines, its treated as God !

This article is for those who are fully dependent on SEO traffic or work only for search engines forgetting the real need of visitors.

SEO Is Long Term Process.

It is well known fact that SEO is a long term process. You have to plan, you have to work hard, you have to sit patience. Dependencies

  • Its not like you launch a web site today and it ranks #1 the next day in Google or Yahoo. Search engines are intelligent and validates a web site for the long term.
  • This is because of volume of spammers and to fight against low quality sites.
  • Search engines are doing business and they want to succeed in their business, their underlying aim: serve visitors with quality information and show the best when visitors search.

Thats the reason, SEO takes time, search engines has to wait and validate the quality of web sites.

Hence for your online business site, you should not wait for search engines. If you started waiting for search engines, it will become a delayed process for your business too. So don’t just only dependent on SEO, it eats your time.

SEO Is Uncertain Game.

I would say, SEO is a Game. This is because, “Search engines are out of control”. Its not in our hand. Its everything based on their Algorithms or the software which indexes and ranks the pages. The outcome of these search software is the SERP and hence people are optimizing the pages for the comfort of search softwares.

For that reason, i am saying search engines are stupid softwares.

  • Search engines are defining the Quality Requirements to appear in top ranking. When your web site meets those quality guidelines, you are able to rank better.
  • At cases when you miss something, it fails. Hence we don’t know what are the quality requirements “fully” and we could not fully optimize the web pages for search engines.

Hence “Search engines are out of control”. Its a game of uncertainty and don’t make your business fully dependent on it.

  • I am not against search engines 😉 just telling my thoughts…

For example, the recent Google changes to fight content farmers affected many of the web sites (measured as 11% change in SERP). Tomorrow, they will make some other change, it affects 50% of SERP. So why you are dependent on search engines ?

Diversifying Online Business Dependencies.

To make a solution to this problem: You have to diversify your business dependencies. Don’t just stand only for SEO instead look for other alternatives.

  • For example, social media tools like Twitter and Facebook has the potential to drive huge audience to your business sites. Use them well.
  • Other way, spread your web site around the web and drive referral traffic from other web sites. Internet is all about web pages inter-linked, so spread your links across the web.
  • There are always opportunities to build a customer list around your business site. I am speaking about email lists which helps your business to quickly bring-in customers back. Learn the steps to build email list.

Finally, don’t make your business to dependent only on SEO, don’t struck into the uncertainty game. Go and just diversify your dependencies. Lets see another article on, how to diversify your online business dependencies ?

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