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Online Business Advertising – Basics For Beginners


Advertising & Marketing, are two sides of same heart in promoting any online business.

I would like to discuss here the basics of online advertising required for any Internet based business.

Advertising, is the method of communicating the business or product decently to the customers for promotion. There’s no major difference in Online advertising compared to the real world advertisements, the media through which the advertisement shows (through Internet, WWW) and the monetary value ie., the setup cost involved are the key differences.

Today, online advertising plays the major role in the revenue generation of large product based companies to the very small entrepreneur.

For bloggers or a business, either you may want to promote your brand or increase your product sale – advertising plays a major role.

Lets see some of the basics.showingadvertisingstrategy

2 Basic Terminologies Of Online Advertising.


  • An advertiser is the one who wants to advertise his business. Makes the Ad for his business.


  • A publisher is the one who displays the Ad given by Advertiser to the target customer.

Types of Online Ads.

The Advertiser joins Publisher and gives his advertisement to promote his business. The Publisher is responsible for displaying the Ads to the customers. The medium used here is the web. Now-a-days, almost all the publishers are offering the following type of Ads,

  • Graphical Advertising. Well known advertising technique mostly termed as Banner Ads. Attractive method of advertising through graphical images, even animated graphical images are possible.
  • Text Advertising. The simplest way of advertising online is the text based Ads, this is not only simple but also the effective way of advertisement.
  • Video Advertising. The same kind of TV advertisements broadcasted online with audio and video content esp. through YouTube.

Some of the places where the advertisements are displayed: Publisher websites, Search Engine Result Pages, E-mail, online classified websites etc.

The best example for ad networks are: Google Adsense/Adwords, Infolinks and Bing Ads etc.

I hope now you are little bit comfortable with the basics of Online Advertising. Let us see the basic Advertising tactics, you should know before using it.

Find Out Objective Audience.

The first step in the online adversting is the selection of the objective audience, what kind of targeted customer you are focusing ? and what category of customer you are focusing ? The key benefit of your advertisement depends on the target customer.

Even though, if you have a huge budget and if fails to reach the right person, your campaign fails for no reason. Make sure you understand them and also, the purpose of your advertising.audience

Budget Allocation.

The effective utilization of the money makes the right profit, you should make plan first. The planning should be in such a way that the amount of money you spend should get multiplied as profit.

Allocate right amount of money for each type of advertisement say, if you are advertising through banner ads and text ads, your budget should be allocated individually to them based on their performance.

If text ads are doing good then allocate comparatively more budget to it and vice versa.

Primal Words or Voice.

Simply saying, your ads should be catchy.

It should “speak to the audience” to make a purchase or make something that needs for you.

Simple example, the traffic symbol boards shown on the road side helps you to understand the right way, you know the symbols or texts used are very simple at the same time highly understandable. That’s Catchy.


When you are spending money for Advertisements, make sure you know the “target audience”, the “purpose of advertisement” and always, track it.

I hope you have understood some of the basics of online advertising at-least.

You can also watch the below video to understand more about it.


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