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How To Make More Money by Widening Your Income Opportunities ?


In case of Online business, always there are opportunities to widen your Income. Yes, either you are running a blog or doing affiliate marketing, you will get more chances to expand your income. Sometimes, its hardly based on the Niche or market you are working too. So lets keep the market aside and see the general methods (common sense, in my way) that really widens or even doubles or triples your online Income.

Identifying Your Monetizing Strategies.

To achieve this, you must understand or identify your money making strategy or monetization strategy first. First, list down your type of income and nature of products or services that you are using to make money. Simply, I want you to understand your existing strategy first. Once you understood that, you could easily think ahead to widen your strategy. This also helps you to make a plan or setup a road map like, “I will try these methods in future, apart from what I am doing now !”.

Widening The Income Opportunities.

In any business, opportunities are the hot trend to drive you profits. You should not miss out each and every corner of the income opportunities. So to help you in widening, lets split the discussion into two.

Advertising Income.

When it comes to advertising income, the first thing comes to mind for everyone is Adsense. Many of the beginner bloggers & even well established bloggers are just sticking to Adsense. You should not be like that instead you should come out of that ring. Try for another ad network. I don’t tell you to remove Adsense Ads instead just fill your spaces with some more Ads.

For example, you could try out In-text ads. Use kontera or Infolinks and see what’s happening for the next month ? Check out the income, you will definitely see a difference in your next month’s income. Either a up or a down, more possibly you will see UPs in your income. There is no wrong in doing such experiments. You could not judge your visitor. Here may not click on the Adsense ads but instead he may click on your in-text ads. It may happen, viceversa too. So give the visitors multiple opportunities and that’s the secret to make more money. Try for private advertising too, if you are becoming popular in your niche !

Affiliate Income.

This is something tricky when compared to Ad revenue. You have to push here. Yes, you have to push the visitors towards product for a sale. There involves a lot of marketing tactics to make better profits.

But to keep it simple, find related products. See what are the affiliate products you are promoting now ? Filter out the best affiliate products & keep a list. Search for similar, related products and do the same promotion. Most probably, you will see the same results. This is a very simple technique from one side of Affiliate Income.

But seeing from the marketing perspective, list down your marketing activities i.e., how you are promoting a product ? either Article Marketing, PPC ads or blog reviews etc. Find out, the new marketing strategies.

For example, you may not be knowing about forum marketing, where you could add your affiliate links to signature and drive traffic to your sales page. Also, you may not be knowing about social media networks, give a try to Twitter. In any case, keep the record or data in hand. So that you could always analyze your existing level and you could easily measure or move your income to next level with simple tweaks.

Also, learn the simple methods to increase your affiliate sale.

Apart from these methods, you could try out few simple other strategies that again widens your income much.

  • Formatting – Tweak your Ad color & font size. Try to make that same like your content and wait for a week. Or Change to a contrasting color and bigger font size, wait for a week and see the results. Not only for Ads but for affiliate links also you could do all these to measure the CTR. Do experiments and stick to the best approach.
  • Positioning – Either Ads or Affiliate links, the place where it is placed matters. Generally, when embedding on visible and top spots, you will get more CTR. See this for hot Ad spots, if you don’t know before.
  • Landing Page – For affiliate marketers, landing pages are the heart of sale. It directly reflects the quality of product and number of sales. Find out tips to create quality sales page for more information.

So we are in the end, i believe you got some basic ideas on how to widen your income opportunity now. Internet is dynamic and it always need changes/fresh/new stuffs.

So don’t stop your experiments, do experiments, do more experiments until you make more money day-by-day !


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