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Are You Trying To Make Money Without Traffic on Your Site ?


So you are running a blog or a site and trying to make money from Internet. BUT you are not making money, is that right ? Then you are landed in the right page. There are many reasons for not making money from your site and i will tell you the major reason that’s “Lack of Traffic“. Do you agree ?

Do you know the value of traffic ? Traffic decides everything on your web site, it gives the life to your site. In the sense, it gives you the valuable source of visitors. Your site needs great volume of visitors say at least 500 visitors per day. When you have more visitors, you are increasing the chances of making money from your site.

Beginners Mentality.

I have seen many beginners who will start a blog, they will write 5 to 10 articles then they will ask where is Money ? If you have such a mentality then its wrong and i would say, you don’t know the value of traffic. You should always think, how to help the visitors coming to your blog ? If you think in that direction then soon you will blog will become information rich. I would take my blog as an example, when I started there is no traffic but i never stopped helping the readers. Today the traffic of this blog is growing every month by more than 50%. The secret i would share you, “help visitors“. Beginners should take this mentality. Learn the common beginners mistakes in online business.

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Nobody Is There !
Nobody Is There !

Over Monetization.

Another fact is monetization which is making your site ready to make money. Many people are getting crazy about this and they will dump their site with advertisements, affiliate links and whatever possible. It reaches more than 100% monetization. If you have already over monetized your site then stop it. Don’t monetize too much, it yields you nothing and actually breaks your confident, growth. Have a Traffic Goal, say, “i will reach 200 visitors per day”. Monetize your site only after achieving that goal. For sure, your site makes money from that traffic. Also, you will get positive satisfactions. Learn How to set business goals ? especially to increase site traffic.

Statistics Addiction.

With this over monetization strategy, you will become addict to statistics. Yes, you will be looking into your Adsense or clickbank account for conversion every hour, every day. If you don’t see any income then it breaks your confident. Finally, you will be into trouble. You will start hating your site and growth stops. That’s why, i am telling don’t look into statistics too much, have a practice to analyze such statistics periodically (say once in a week). Work for your site and produce good content, you will feel positive results when you see growing statistics. You hard work never goes waste, the work that you invest today will earn you the money back in future.

To summarize, How To Overcome this situation ?

  • Help your visitors and keep helping the visitors at the top priority.
  • Produce useful content and service on your site consistently.
  • Don’t monetize your site too much instead have reasonable level of ads & affiliate links.
  • Don’t look too much on statistics & results.
  • Have a regular practice to analyze the statistics esp. traffic statistics and tune your content accordingly.
  • Keep money aside and focus on quality of your site. you should know, Quality makes Traffic.
  • Don’t practice too much SEO & link bulding, it hurts your site on search engines.
  • Don’t link to bad or poor quality links from your site. Instead, link to your own articles well.
  • Have achievable goals and work only to achieve the goal.
  • Finally, keep this in mind, “No Traffic No Money & More Traffic More Money“.

I want you to realize the importance of traffic and you should make your site only for visitors. In the end, you will build a great site which gets more quality traffic & for sure your site makes money comfortably ![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


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