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How to Get Sponsored Reviews? Introduction to Sponsored Reviews


Sponsored Reviews, one of the best money making program especially for bloggers who are writing product reviews. Reviewing the products or services in your blog earns cash for you. Simply, it is a pay-per-post program.

The advantage is that with your regular blogging habit you could make a decent income. I would like to share you a short review on SponsoredReviews.

Introduction To Sponsored Reviews.

Article Writing, is actually an interesting work, if you are addicted to. So here in sponsored reviews, you have to publish article for an advertiser.

  • An advertiser, is the one who wants you to write reviews on their products, who wants to explore his product to this world via your blog.
  • Advertiser gives you the specification required for the product review like post size, link information etc.
  • As a blogger, you have to write the review of the product. You could write anything about the product. Both positive and negative comments are welcomed here.
  • But needs a professional write up to get approved, that’s it. Learn how to write a blog post.

Its a very simple system, right ?

Lets see this system from both the sides, from Bloggers point of view and from Advertisers point of view.user review

Get Sponsored Reviews, Bloggers View.

As a blogger, working with sponsored reviews makes you to gain the following,

  • No limits for writing, most of the bloggers are struck with “what to write?“. So for such bloggers, this program really increases your writing frequency and you will start writing more and more about different products.
  • Building your blog, writing more product reviews turns your blog into a information portal. Of course, this increases your blogs popularity in the blogosphere.
  • Increases Readership, providing genuine reviews builds the readers confidence and this turns visitors into your fans. Sure peoples will bookmark your blog.
  • Monetizing your blogging habit, you could earn not only by advertisements or affiliate progams, you are paid for each blog post.

After joining sponsored reviews, your first task is finding the advertisers suitable for your blog and your topic. Creating a nice blogger profile attracts the advertisers for you. Here you could either accept or reject the advertisers. The other way is, you have to look for advertisers and do a bid for an offer. Once the advertisers and you are agreed, you could start writing the review about his product.

  • Writing a quality review builds your success here. After writing product review in your blog, you have to submit your blogs review link to sponsoredreviews for approval. Sponsoredreviews, measures the quality level of your review and grants the payment agreed by you.

You will be paid by sponsored reviews once in two weeks via paypal.

Get Sponsored Reviews, Advertisers View.

As an Advertiser, working with sponsoredreviews helps you to gain the following,

  • Finding a product launching medium, it is very easy to find a launching medium for your new product. You are having the flexibility to select your own blogs, to introduce your product to the world.
  • More Online exposure, if you hire more than 1 reviewers, you product or website gets exposed to wide range of viewers through different blogs. Having multiple reviews helps to show a wider view of your product or website.
  • Targeted Referral Traffic, the major advantage is you are getting targeted referral traffic from review pages. It is true that you will receive trusted visitors, helps to achieve more leads for your business.

Of course, this system creates more back links for your website. Reviewers could have maximum of 3 links to your site. Say, if 10 blogs reviews your product, you could get 30 back links in one shot. Great way of promoting your product and website.

Advertisers could catch the reviewers/bloggers in two ways.

  • One by searching through the database of bloggers to select the right blog suitable for your product.
  • The second way through the bidding system, you could decide the bloggers who are affordable for your price.

Sponsoredreviews gives you the flexibility in selecting the right blog. Moreover there are thousands of blog reviewers to fulfill your need.

Also, Advertisers have the option to mark favorite blogs and to rate blogs. In general, this helps advertisers to select the quality blogs suitable for their niche.

Conclusion (Beware of Penalties).

From both the views (Advertisers & Bloggers), sponsored reviews has its own advantages to work.

To be successful with sponsored reviews as a blogger, it is required to have, Blog with enough traffic and you must have good reviewing skill. If you have these, just join today.

In short with sponsoredreviews, Bloggers Earn Cash and Advertisers Build Brand!

Some of the other best pay-per-post programs are PayPerPost and smorty.

At the same time, beware of penalties by search engines if you have a similar pattern or link schemes of paid backlinks.

Use it to build your brand value online.


  1. Sponsored reviews is great as long as we know how to maintain it. The base step is that always ask whether it will give benefit to our readers.you site was of great help to me,thanks for your informative article i hope it will be of great help to many like me,who want to start sponsored reviews.

    • Thanks for your comment Jeff and good luck with sponsored reviews. It is also good to maintain a reasonable amount of sponsored reviews instead of simply pumping with paid articles through out your site.

      See you back.

  2. Sponsored reviews is great as long as we know how to maintain it. The base step is that always ask whether it will give benefit to our readers.if you surely know how to go about it then your good to go. sponsored reviews


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